Valentines day ideas for him!

“I know he’s cute, but he’s mine. Valentines day ideas for him only.” 🙂 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and for couples it’s the time for arrangements, dates, gifts, surprises and much more. But you haven’t decided yet what to gift your love of the life, worry not we are here to help you. 😀 And we bet you would be more pleased than these ideas, they are not some generic things you have been gifting for a while and we are sure your male is going to love these things. One more pro, there’s one for every personality type! So girls take notes!

Brooch or pocket pin: Ditch your conventional tie or belt idea for a cooler one and gift him a brooch or pocket pin instead. If your guy is working then stick to classy designs and if you want to experiment a bit you can go for a quirky moustache or bow design.

Cufflinks instead of watch: Watches are still our favorite but over the time they have become very obvious gift for a man, so this time substitute a watch with cufflinks. Cufflinks look so classy and with a little help they can be pulled off really well, even if your guy has a fashion sense of a size of pea. 😀

Surprise trip: There would have been multiple times when he had surprised you with a trip, why don’t you do it this time. Plan a surprise trip to a get-away destination or anything nearby. You can also take him to laser tag or paintball, these are surprises and they don’t need to be fortnight long trip.

Another techie thing: Guys are mostly into techie stuff so its absolute a no-brainer to give him another techie stuff, try tablets, mobile phones, hard disks, video games etc. Even if your guy is not techie there must be something related to technology that he must need, go dig deep and buy! If he love photography, then camera or gopro are the best option. 🙂

Sunglasses: We agree sunglasses are one of the generic gifts but a man simply cannot have too many sunglasses. 😀 GO buy him one pair of sexy sunglasses but keep in mind latest trend, his face shape and what would he like!

Messenger bag/Briefcase: If your love is one of those corporate working guys then it would be very wise to give him a classy messenger bag or a briefcase. They are useful, look cool and also you can inculcate little of your style sensibilities into his wardrobe. 😀

Try gifting these things and we are sure he will delighted! Tell us in the comment below what do you think.

Love you <3

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