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We all know that our diet is directed related to our health but here we are talking about the relation of food and beauty. Our skin play a most important part in beauty. We use lots of beauty products from market to make our skin beautiful from outside. In our country there are a lots of famous home remedies for glowing skin.

For example if you have a oily skin we can use besan etc. To maintain the softness of skin we can  use lemon, gulabjal etc. Or to shine the glowing face, we can use facepack  honey, banana and papaya.

However, at the end of the day your skin need similar care from inside to maintain cushy and glowing skin. For which its necessary to understand about collagen.

Collagen is the innermost part in our skin and provide cushiness to skin. The wrinkles come when collagen is less in our body. Its formation decreases in our body with ageing. But with proper diet we can get relief from these wrinkles. Fish is one diet which has omega 3 and fatty acid in good quality. If you dont eat fish you can take omega 3 capsule. The vegetarians can take red vegetable like tomato, chukandar, red shimla mirch.  The lycopen which is present in these food protects skin from the destruction of sun rays  and increases the amount of collagen. Other food which increases collagen in our body are spinach, carrot, shakarkand, soya milk orange, lemon etc.

My personal experience is that there is no beauty product better than water. Water helps your skin both from outside and inside. Water works as a fantastic detoxifying agent, it cleanses blood and maintain flexibility of skin. Water play a major role in PH balancing also. Proper water drinking can cure pimples as well.

Follow these things and always stay young and beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Do share your thoughts in comments.

Love you guys. Stay beautiful Stay healthy. 🙂

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