Choose contact lenses according to your skin tone and hair colour!

Henry David Thoreau said, “The eye is the jewel of the body“.

We all try to make our eyes look beautiful before stepping out of home by using a variety of eye-makeup techniques. Or sometimes, we go for cool shades or goggles for a more stylish and chic look.What if you have eyesight? What if you don’t wish to carry your spectacles whole day?What if you wish an effortless but different look every day? To curb all these worries contact lenses came into usage.

Contact lenses are now more popular than ever. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 40.9 million Americans age 18 and older wore contact lenses in 2014 (most recent data available), which was about 17 percent of the U.S. adult population. Even children of age more than 12 started wearing them today.

There are various reasons for choosing lenses over glasses which can rather be called advantages. They don’t fog up with changes in temperature. They’re fashionable as well as functional. They’re of no weight, no discomfort and no distractions making them favorite to every athlete and sportsperson.Another thing is, when you wear contact lenses, your entire field of view is in focus, unlike glasses which lack peripheral vision due to the distance between the eye and glass.
For those who prefer not to wear spectacles and are not ready for Laser treatment either, contact lenses are the best option. In this case, people generally use transparent contact lenses. But in the case where you wish to enhance your look or create a different look, it’s better you choose colored lenses. Contact lenses are available in different colors like green, blue, grey, turquoise, hazel, purple, red etc. Red contact lenses, however, are not suggestible to wear in public for various reasons.Buying contact lenses have become easier now through numerous online shopping sites. But when you decide to invest in them, there are few things you must keep on the mind in order to look elegant. Here’s a guide to help you select contact lenses based on your skin tone and hair color.

Choose contact lenses for your skin tone!

1.Fair skin

You’re the luckiest for various reasons if you have a fairer skin. One of them is, any colored contact lenses would look incredible on you. You can go for bright and colored lenses matching your outfit and occasion. But for a classy look, you must try blue and gray ones. You can also go for shades that shine and enhance your fairer tone like purple, aqua or turquoise. All the contrasts work great on you.Go, close your eyes and pick one without thinking much and live a little more colorful!

2.Medium skin

If you have a medium or tanned skin, you have a golden or apricot undertone. The most suggested lenses for you are hazel, green, honey and gray colored ones.Dark blue or navy colored lenses suit well to your skin tone whereas bright blues like turquoise are preferably avoided as they don’t pair up well with your skin tone.You can choose any color that makes your eyes glow more and characteristic than your caramel skin tone. If you don’t wish to use colored ones, feel free to go for neutrals like brown or gray making sure that their color is a bit different from your own eyeshadow. You can also try amber colored one for a gentle and classy look!

3.Dark skin

If you have dark or dusky skin, you should feel confident and comfortable to go for different colors citing the look you want to create out of them. Go for warm colors like hazel or warm brown for a sexy look and honey, light blue or autumn colored ones to stand out of the crowd. Stay away from too bright shades like pink, bright green, aqua or turquoise as they don’t complement your complexion.

Contact lenses for different hair colours

1.Blonde hair

If you have this kind of hair color, you’re more likely to use baby blue ones.But believe me, dark colored lenses also look super hot on you. You can go for colors like black, chocolate, dark blue and deep browns. Platinum blondes look great with emerald shades and with blues. In all the cases, make sure your brows are same colored as your hair to avoid mismatch. If you have blue or brown eyes you can go for green shades for a more highlighted look!

2.Brown hair

If your hair color is brown, almost all the shades and colors are worth-a-try! You look realistic and elegant in any colored lenses.But if you have dark brown hair, light-colored lenses are to be preferred. In that case, honey and its shades would perfect on you.And if your brown hair has bits of red in it, go for hazel or gray colored ones.You can keep trying a wide range of colors making sure that they suit your skin tone as well!

3.Black hair

If your hair is black, contrast-colored lenses will look beautiful on you.You can go for any of the contrast shades like blue, green or honey.But if you want to look natural, you should go for brown. Cool toned black shades look perfect with purple lenses.You can also go for bright blue and related shades.Try gray for a more vibrant and different look!

By this time, a question should have arrived in your mind. Is there any type of lens that suits all skin and hair colors? The answer is “Yes“. They are the Circle lens. Circle lens is like a pretty black dress in your wardrobe, you can pair it up with anything and look beautiful.They possess a dark brown or black enlargement ring that outlines your iris and thereby making your eyes look sharper and stunning.This is why they are called enhancement contact lenses as they can make anyone look fab!

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