Classic to Chic!- 4 killer ways to wear a button down shirt!

We girls can never have too many clothes! Even if we have, we can’t just repeat them all! Geez! 😀 What do we do now? India Fashion Blogger says give them a cool makeover and wear those sassy things again and again. And talk of giving makeover and here we are with a brand new post on how to wear your classic button formal shirt in 4 killer sassiest and chicest ways! Scroll down and treat yourself, because we are sure you would have not thought of these! 😀

  1. Off Shoulder Twist
    Since off shoulder tops are so rage this season, we decided to do a little experiment with our button down shirt and turned it into an off shoulder top which looks perfect paired up with flared and ripped denims. For this look put on a shirt up to the bust  leaving the arms outside (sleeves should be hanging from the sides). Then button it up till the bust and bring the hanging sleeves in the front, going all over your arms and tie a knot and you are done!    preshitadeshpande_blog-007


  1. Flirty Skirt
    This one way to style button down shirt is my favorite. Turning a shirt into top is nice, but turning it into a bottom is AWW-SOMEEEE! To get flirtatious with this shirt worn as skirt just button your shirt but leave the upper two button open and bring it to your waist it as you are wearing a skirt. Close the rest of button if they fit on your waist. Tuck in the collar on the back, then bring the hanging sleeves in the front and tie a butterfly knot or a simple knot. You are now ready to bag some major compliments!  preshitadeshpande_blog-8


  1. One Shoulder down
    I love pieces that reveal a little and hide a little! That’s why I love wearing one shoulder/sleeve dresses. Hence I turned my boring shirt into a sassy one shoulder top and I am loving it!  To get the look, put on shirt normally then craftily remove one sleeve of the shirt and let it hang. Bring the hanging sleeve in the front and wrap around your waist as a belt going backward. Finally pin it in the back or tuck under your high waist skirt or jeans.    preshitadeshpande_blog-7-1
  2. Sexy Back

Get your sexy back on with this clever style tip. Just wear your shirt front-to-back and you are set to sizzle! 😀 You can also add a mini twist to it by keeping the buttons open and tying a knot at the bottom, just don’t forget to wear bralette under it.


That’s all for today folks! A lot more clever styling post on the way and don’t forget to try these looks and do tag us in the photos! Till then, stay stylish, stay sexy! xoxo


P.C. – Frames of Preshi


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