A guide to men’s fashion!

A guide to men’s fashion!

What (should men) wear (and) when?

Are you a guy who loves dressing up but don’t know how? Or you are someone who still lives in the t-shirt/baggy pants zone? Or you have limit knowledge of what goes around in the world of men’s fashion? Don’t worry all your dress-up dilemmas will be solved here and now! Today we bring you the basic, fuss free, sorted what to wear, when to wear guide exclusively for men. So goodbye awkward/under-dressed moments and hello you Greek God! 😀

To Nightclubs

Style Mantra: Not too dressy, not to formal but a balanced and sharp outfit. Given the party moody and late hours, opt for darker shades but not overall dark, YOU ARE NOT MEN IN BLACK and certainly not on mission!

Look 1: When going to a dressier club, take out a suit that ain’t too formal. One in dark blue is a great pick. Pair it up with a tee and casual sneakers. You can also opt for a breezy blazer with black denims, rest being same. Check the link below-





Look 2: An oxford shirt in dark shade, tucked in with pair of dark denims. Complete the look with loafers and a smart belt. Check the link below-

Oxford shirt



Look 3: A thin stripe tee or a slim cut tee paired with washed out jeans. Wear Chelsea boots or double monks to complete the look. Check the link below-

Chelsea boots:

Double monks:

Thin stripe tee:

Washed out jeans:


To Weddings

Style Mantra: Season appropriate dressing, more is less but not overboard (remember you’re not the groom)!

Look 1: If you want to go all traditional, opt for dressier kurta with fitted dark jeans and a pair of brogues or kolhapuris. You can also wear sherwanis with kolhapuris. Check the link below-




Fitted jeans:




Look 2: If it’s a black tie event, go for tuxedo. Imagine what James Bond wears in party scenes. Tuxedo with shirt and a black bow tie. Check the link below-





Black bow tie:


Look 3: Dinner jacket, shirt, trousers, leather shoes, without neck tie. Check the link below-

Dinner jacket:

MENJESTIC Men's Slim Fit Blazer CAS_38_Black_Medium



Leather shoes:

To Work

Style Mantra: Always go with the office dress code, more formal the better.

Look 1: Business Formal: Suits in conservative color (black, grey, blue) with light colored plain shirt (white, light blue, light grey), tie with subtle pattern or plain and a pair of formal shoes. Check the link below-





Look 2: Business Casual: Button down shirt with tie and a pair of trousers/pants. Sports jacket will make it look dressier. Check the link below-




To Job Interview

Style Mantra: Crisp attires and dress code that the company abides by.

Look: Business formals will be your best bet, in case the company has a liberal dress code, go for business casual, but not anything less than that.

To First Date

Style Mantra: Dress sharp, always dress in layers, it leaves a lasting impact. Look your best but not over-dressed, she should take you seriously!

Look : Cotton sport jacket with dressy button down shirt or a tee that makes you look a million bucks. Team up with denims and lace-up shoes or loafer. Don’t forget to accessorize, a good watch, pocket square is mandatory!







To Brunch/day-out

Style Mantra: Casual and comfortable go to look!

Look 1: Business Brunch: Summer/Winter blazer with shirts and nicely done trouser, teamed up with pair of brogues speak brunch like nothing else.




Look 2: Casual Brunch: High waist pants with half sleeve shirts and pair of loafers or a striped tee with casual shorts and a pair of loafer/sneakers.




Stripped tee:

This is all for today Folks! But stay tuned and watch this space for more styling tips and men’s fashion guide! Until then xoxo


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