The Cloak sent by Mother Nature: A divine for wanderlust!

An initial onset of any business is nothing less than a roller coaster which is a unique blend of successes and failures. We have a peculiar story to share which belongs to a visionary, a thinker and a risk taker who decided to opt for entrepreneurship, being completely clueless about the market whatsoever. This is a story of a businessman who is taking entrepreneurship to the next level by competing with some of the renowned International brands by bringing an extremely competitive product for us in the consumer market. At an aspiringly young age of mere 32, Mr Saneen Javali and his out of the box thinking is making India proud by introducing a product which is a unicorn for us travellers.

Saneen is an Entrepreneur, a founder, a managing Director and a mentor. Being Born to a Modest Middle-class family, way before he got done with his academics, his mind was highly inclined towards business and commerce. Trading used cars and mobile phones were his part time job.

There was a point in his life where he did computer sales and services for a few years while designing websites for various assorted clients. His mother desired to see her son study in an IT college and become an IT Engineer. She wanted him to settle outside India and lead a luxurious life. But Saneen, being a visionary he is, has a different plan altogether.

After the completion of his studies, he carved his own path and made his way into IBM India. Even though it is a dream job for a lot of IT aspirants, he was not satisfied with the life he had and the job he was doing. Finally, after contemplating for two years he decided to take a major step in his career and quit the job he had.

He had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur but wasn’t sure what to do and where to begin. Eventually, he got introduced to garment manufacturing through one of his friends.

In 2010, he started a small manufacturing unit along with his friend with just 5 machines. Small it may be, soon they expanded their business and in no time, they were making Jackets for brands like Flying machine and Ruggers. Further, they became vendors to Tata Advance material Ltd and started making bulletproof wearable jackets for the Indian defence.

Presently, his company is also fulfilling a lot of corporate orders for major companies like Cisco, Honda, Flipkart, HP and numerous others. This man has one of the prettiest resumes you can find, believe it. Everything went smooth for his career. he even started exploring various other opportunities. Started from the bottom, now his company Emirate Fashions Pvt Ltd manufactures all kinds of Uniforms for Schools, Colleges and Industries. Owning around 50 machines and over 50 people working under him, Emirate Fashions are a leading garment manufacturers in Bangalore.

Everyone gets their miracle. His miracle was when he designed VERSATYL.

His brand launched the World’s First Multi Utility Travel Jacket with 18 pockets and 29 features in the November of 2016.

As Indians, we carry a lot of things we assume we will need. Are that does nothing other than adding a few handbags to our travel luggage. With this revolutionary product, well let’s just say you’ll be spending less on good quality hand luggage. This travel beast is equipped with 2 napoleon chest pockets for IDs/Cards/Money/Passport, an Upper Arm pocket for keys/change/essentials, two Forearm pockets for keys/change/essentials, two hand warming pockets, Earphone loops, a Pen holder pocket, a Mini torch or bottle holder, a Phone pocket, a Portable charger pouch, a Compact camera pouch, a Tablet or Document slider, a Wallet pocket, a Headphone or USB pocket, a Sunglass loop and pouch, and a Carry pocket at the back. That was longer than Shankar Mahadevan’s breathless.

I fail to understand what amazes me more: the innovation or the fact that he is a God’s messenger for travellers. It’s almost like God saw our struggle and shook his head with finally deciding to aid our problems of heavy bags what weigh more than they should, even when empty. It has a pocket for everything. You might want to slide in things you usually wouldn’t, just because there is a pocket for it!

Still not satisfied? It comes with a detachable hood with drawstrings, side vent to keep it cool and ventilated in summers, reflector strips for safety, retractable finger gloves and… more. Holy Macro, I need a break from boasting about this. No, wait; Yeah! this is a water resistant and wrinkle free material. I can’t even… I mean… Like… I should stop trying to define this magical cloak in words.

This is, was and will be one of the major Innovations in the world of travel equipment. His idea was one of its kind and definitely unique in a country like India where we end up assuming that we packed more than we need and then end up needing more than we packed.

His inspiration was based on a few basic designs of travel jackets which are present in the market internationally but were not very affordable in India due to the shipment and availability. That is why he decided to take this innovative step and come up with this multi-usage jacket with additional unique features and very affordable price. His idea was crowdfunded on, a premier crowdfunding platform in India.

The response was extremely positive. So much so, that they went on to raise more than 3 million with around 400% success rate, hence making VERSATYL one of India’s most crowd funded product till date. The leading newspapers, Magazines and blogs like New Indian Express, Economic Times, India Gazette,, Daily Hunt have featured his amazing Jacket.

Saneen has been taking orders from all over the world now. Since there is such a positive feedback from his foreign clients, VERSATYL will be soon raising funds on World’s biggest Crowd Funding Platform “Indiegogo”

Also, VERSATYL Jacket is already available on for his Indian customers.

As for our innovator, there is no looking back and soon enough, he will be launching his next designs which is predicted to be the World’s First Multi Utility Travel Jacket with Air Conditioning and World’s Most Useful Travel Jacket with Heating technology.

People on high pedestal have travelled a long way to get there. Saneen tasted victory the hard way as well. Nothing came easy to him as he recalls the tough period of his life

“I remember the start of 2015 to mid-2016 was the worst phase of my life. Nothing seemed to work out, there were no good orders, I couldn’t pay my staff on time and it was getting very difficult to manage the expenses. I lost a lot of money and was in debt. I would say that my patience and faith in God kept me going and I overcame the hurdles.”

When asked for some inspiration, Saneen’s message to all the aspiring entrepreneurs is

“Believe in yourself and the product you are making. If Success is bound to come with Risks, then Risk it”.

As Indians, we are proud to have such an enthusiastic entrepreneur amongst us.

Best of luck to him and his concepts in the future.

P.S. Here’s the link, incase travelling calls: Versatyl.

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