A conversation with one of the coolest racers Sanjay Rossi!

Bike racing has always been a jaw-dropping, cool, rocking yet tough sport. If you aspire to become a bike racer it is not that easy enough to be at its best. Practice, perfection, discipline, and dedication is a must, but over this let’s add some toppings of fashion as it is very much necessary that you have to be seen unique in all way possible.

As a racer, while you are on and off track you must be a person on whom all eyes are on. While writing this article on Fashion tips and lifestyle hacks for bike racers I wanted ideas from a bike racer himself so I approached a racer Sanjay who had an amazing taste in trends and fashion.

Sanjay is a young trending bike racer from Tamil-Nadu who is 6 time national champion in India. He is very passionate about bikes and racing. Taking inspiration from the world champion Valentino Rossi he is aiming for MotoGP championship.

Being a popular figure in his area he is been watched by many and has the pressure of looking perfect and trendy. He loves his life and makes sure he carries on his lifestyle in most stylish way possible. So let’s steal some styling ideas from the cool guy himself.

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Best outfits on the racing day:

Alpine stars jackets and AGV helmets are the best and cool looking outfit to be worn on the day of racing. (you can get these at Amazon at a very reasonable rate).These are recommended not only for looks but also for safety. It is very important to have the safety factor prioritized; these brands though costly are very safe. Cost should not matter while purchasing for such sports. Even during practice sessions make sure you wear all the necessary outfits properly. On practice and racing day once you have worn your outfit your concentration must be on your track and trophy not on your dress anymore so get prepared accordingly. Be branded. Let your brand speak about your fashion look.

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Colour does matter:

Make sure your dress color goes with your bike. While purchasing your racing outfits keep in mind your bike color and get your dress accordingly. Go with dark colors like dark blue, black. Olive green, brown shades etc on a bright day and for nights bright colors like orange, white, lemon yellow will make you look attractive. Also, the color of your helmets and shoes must match with your jackets. On Important days of racing go with highlighting colors that will make you look unique from other participants.

Racer on a normal day:

Being a racer it is important that you look like one. A sportsperson will have to be ready to face limelight at any point in time so it is important that you look absolutely chill and cool. On a normal day wear something that makes you feel comfortable but still trendy.

1. Baggy pant, a round collar t-shirt of light colors with a casual slipper of dark color and a plain glare will make you look like a pro.
2. Go with boxers and a checked t-shirt with dark colored sunglasses.
3. Denim jean of dark shade and Peter England shirt of light shade with a branded shoe like Puma, Nike, Louis Vuitton or Adidas neo will give you a branded look. While going branded pull off some like Forever 21, H&M, Van Heusen and Indian Terrain.
4. Pull out any clothes from your clumsy cupboard and go without mix and match boldly with an attitude of being cool. This works most of the time and might get highlighted.

Copy others in a different way:
It is absolutely fine if you copy a person whose looks you admire. But while you copy to make sure you just copy their taste and though not the dress itself. Get ideas of dressing from other racers whom you love watching. Follow them in social Medias and get more ideas. Don’t try being them be you. Just take the essence of looks and fashion hacks from them and mold it in your style with your creativity added to it.


As a racer, it is very important to maintain your body, health and looks.

1. Be fit: Go to the gym and workout. Do swimming, cycling, yoga, and meditation. Play some sport in free hours. These will make you fit, improve your strength and concentration.
2. Healthy diet: Plan your day and diet. Take in a lot of healthy food at right time intervals. Give your body the right kind of energy. Take in fresh fruit juices, yogurt etc at breaks. Eat less of junks.
3. Looks: Go to the parlor at least once a month and take a good massage. Go in for a full body massage and a hair spa. You wear helmets most of the time and your hair will get sweaty and fizzy so it is important that you maintain your hair. Go in for facials to maintain a glam look. It is absolutely fine even if you are ready to do a simple home spa. But keep in mind that all these are just to enhance and relax your real look is when you are leading on the track towards your passion and goal.

Be stress-free, relax yourself get good sleep and motivate yourself every day. Let your life be the track where your race to get your dream trophies fulfilled.


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