Creative ideas in my styling at Amazon India Fashion Week!

“Creative thinking inspires ideas. Creative ideas inspire change.”

Hola Guys! How are you all?

Today’s post is gonna be all about how I prepped up for AIFW and how did I throw away the jitters of trying something entirely different, unconventional and foremost CREATIVE! Now I wouldn’t have stressed so much on anything in my life other than being creative. For me it’s so important to be creative not because of the profession I am in but because it satisfies my inner thirst. Thus I try to create something new everyday and I always experiment with my looks. So while prepping up for AIFW 2016, I thought what could be done differently and ideas started flowing in, skeptic yet exciting.

I was so bored with my look that I wanted to give it a full makeover before AIFW, so I started with my hair first. Now a lot of people don’t experiment with the haircuts, I understand the concern but going outta your zone is necessary if you want to know what works best for you. After a lot of thinking and trying I gave in to the idea of giving my hair a haircut so different that I knew it will terrify some people (including me) :P. Hahha. But nonetheless I went for the fringed haircut! To tell you I was scared initially, but I took the chance and I bagged so many compliment for it at AIFW that now I am in love with the hairstyle! You see nothing good comes until you experiment and try to be creative.

Next on my agenda was to indulge in a new hair color. Now I have gotten my hair colored so many times that I am so bored with regular highlights or global browns, blacks, burgundy etc. So this time I decided to try something different and when my hair stylist advised I go dual tone, I decided why not to go tri-toned! Yes again! 😀 I colored my hair into 3 different colors, blue, red and golden! Most of the people thought I am mad to do that but when it was done and the final result came out I knew I was grabbing eyeballs. Hahha! You see it for yourself below! 😀

After hair came the clothes! I already wear a lot of different clothes and shop accordingly so for that I didn’t have to go completely outta my comfort zone. I already got myself a couple of different dresses for AIFW and I know they too worked magic! Don’t believe me? Well you gotta checkout my dresses below!






Now I don’t wear a lot of make-up but because for the sake of thrill and experiment, I tried Chinese make-up for the first time in my life! I admit I was apprehensive and excited in parts, but my lovely make-up artist Sheeny assured me it is gonna look beautiful and so did it! And now I think why I didn’t think of that earlier!

Among other things in accessories, I tried Shoulder chain too for the first time, sent to me by the lovely people at Auhuna creations and I am planning to get more of the chunky accessories for Lakme Fashion week of course!

That’s all for today folks! 🙂 Do tell me in the comment box what do you think of my look and my stint with experimenting! 😀

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