Goodbye summer skin rash and dark spots!

“No more skin rash and dark spots.”

“Invest in your skin, It is going to represent you for a very long time.”

This time you don’t need to cover your face and look like aunty in this summer to avoid skin rash and dark spots. If you care your skin well then you will be able to go outside with full confidence and make people jealous of your skin glow. It is obvious that everything is not easy and skin care takes time as well as a lot of hard work. But it’s not something which is way out of your budget and capacity. There are many small things which you can include in your daily routine which will help in your glowing skin. 🙂 I am jotting down some secrets here which will help you to enjoy this summer season.

Sun Protection- 

Don’t cover your face behind scarf, if you want to avoid sunrays then buy fashionable hat or funky umbrella. Wash your face in regular intervals, this will remove dust and clay from your face and skin will look fresh.

When your skin look fresh, you feel sexy. 🙂 

Moisturizing creams- 

A good moisturizing cream is the most important part of skin care routine. So you should choose it very wisely. One of the best option is artistry youth xtend moisturizing cream, perfect for summer. It is very light and nourishes your skin whole day. This reduces dark spot of face as well as provide proper glow day by day. I am the biggest fan of youth xtend products. You should try once. 🙂

Apply it after the bath and see result after 1 week of regular use.

Proper Diet-

A proper diet is the most important part of the skin care. You should include tomato, pomegranate, etc in your diet. You should keep walnut in your house because omega 3 which is found in walnut provide young and smooth look to the skin. After water, the most important friend of skin is green tea. You can include olive oil also in your diet plan. Because it is very healthy in comparison to other oils.

Hope you enjoyed the first summer post after a long winter. And I am enjoying my Goa journey and soon I am planning for my new trip.

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