The day 02 at #AIFWAW rocked with amazing  tribal show of Peru. It started with Samant Chahan show, in continuation of Huemn.

The HUEMN AW17 collection is a tribute to  the individual. To having a voice and wielding it fearlessly. To speaking up and stepping forward. It celebrates  the feral confidence of today’s influencers. It recognises the Alpha- the leader of the pack.

The collection celebrates diversity and inclusion and HUEMN man/ woman is an individual in their own right.

The collection is heavily influenced by the socio-economic and political ambience of our times which is far from ideal.

Next show was Hemant & Nandita

A soft power, a blunt edge, femininity with the strength it beholds- Hemant and Nandita’s Autumn Winter Collection is about the two opposite energies making a perfect fit. The stronger silhouettes of long jackets and coats would reveal the dresses in pastel warm hues.

After the amazing show of Hemant & Nandita, the beautiful designer Anupamaa showcased her sacred forest collections.

This collection is set against a forest. The sacred forest of Mangar village. Legend has it that the spirit of a mystic , Baba Gudariya is all over the forest. Baba Gudariya entered a cave to meditate and received enlightenment there. No villager will ever cut or fell down a tree in Manger. As a result this magical forest is home to several species extinct elsewhere like the beautiful Dhau tree. The

forest also houses wildlife like leopards, civets, deer , rich bird life and at least 90 species of butterflies.


Pankaj & Nidhi AW17 leaves no grey area in it’s direction. This is a collection in a sharp monochromatic palette of black & white ensembles. Classics are updated by introducing geometry in the cut to create square cape tops and volume jackets.

After Pankaj & Nidhi, Vaani Kapoor rocked the ramp for Rina Dhaka show-


Day 02 #AIFWAW17 wrapped up with the mind blowing Pero show –

These garments inspired from cultures worldwide, hand-made in India are made available globally to the wearer who appreciates hand–crafted clothing not only for the love that goes into making them, but also for the stories they narrate.

This is for today folks! We will be soon with new fashion week post.


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