My experience with Gillette Venus: All shaving myths busted!

We girls put in so effort in every beauty process that anything simple and straightforward seems ineffective and sham. And when it comes to our skin, we won’t go anything has does not have a fancy list of ingredients. But sometimes simple things work best for your skin and it hold true for body hair as well. Now you must think what is simpler than getting your body hair waxed or tweezed, well there is, shaving! I can see a few raised eyebrows! 😀 That is why I thought to share my shaving experience with you today and debunk all your shaving myths. Here’s some sneak peak on what’s inside:

I used Gillette Venus for over a month now and I have already bid farewell to waxing. And to your surprise my skin feel softer, smoother and yes, the hair does not grow back thicker also. A lot of people live with the misconception that shaving makes your hair grow back thicker but that’s not true at all. What happens is, when you shave the razor cuts off the hair from the surface of skin and while waxing pull out hair from the root. That is why it grows back from the surface of the skin, where it is a bit thicker than the root. So relax, shaving is not doing anything to the thickness of your body hair.

Gillette Review

The reason I prefer shaving over waxing is that now we have efficient tools available in the market that help us shave properly while giving our skin the care it needs. For instance, Gillette Venus razor has a flexible neck and cushion top that glides over your skin smoothly and let you get rid of that stubborn hair in no time. This cushion ensures that no nicks or cuts are caused to your skin. Bonus point the razor has an aloe vera strip to hydrate and soothe your skin. Not only that I love using their after shave moisturizing pads and satin shave gel. You can use these products pre and post shaving and your skin will literary feel satiny. If your skin is sensitive like me than you should definitely try shaving at it saves you from the trouble (inflammation and itching) waxing causes. I had to apply so many things right after waxing to get rid of those red burns but shaving has made the process so easy and convenient that I doubt it if I will go back to waxing again.

This razor has changed my entire beauty routine. With this product handy I can easily give my salon appointment a miss and get rid of all the hair in no time without damaging or hurting my skin. Totally worth it!

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