Day 1 of Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS’19

One of the popular fashion shows of the FDCI council, India Fashion Week is almost here. To all the fashion enthusiasts out there, this one is a great show to keep yourself hooked to know some of the greatest trends of the upcoming season. The India Fashion Week is inspired by the Lotus Makeup this year and we are waiting to see what the beauty and the fashion collaboration have in store with them. The show starts on the 10th October 2018. If you do not want to miss out on the show and the work of the excellent designers then check out here the schedule of Day 1 of Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS’19.

First Show – 03.00 pm – PERO

So, yes the opening show of the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS’19 is of one of the chique brands out there PERO. The event is going to take place at the ‘offsite’. Pero is an amazing brand with loads of varieties be it in colours, trends, styles, patterns, and everything. It is a colourful brand that would satiate everyone.

You can reach out to them via mail at or you can check their brand’s Instagram page at @ilovepero


Second Show – 05.00 pm – Anupama Dayal

The second show of the Day 1 is of Anupama Dayal. Personally, we are looking forward to this show because Anupama Dayal is a really talented designer. The show is going to be at MSA 1. Anupama Dayal makes vibrant clothing for women and looking at clothes, you would see that everything is there in the details. Happy, vibrant, colourful, loud, and quirky sums up their designs. Get ready for some patchwork and eclectic prints which sets the mood of fearlessness and spontaneity.

You can reach out to them via mail at or you can check the designer’s page on Instagram at @anupamaadayal and you can also check their website at


Third Show – 6.30 pm – HUEMN

This is one of the most looked forward show at the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS’ 19. We can’t wait for what they have to show us in their latest collection. All those men and women whose fashion sense is more on the minimalist and sober style, this is a brand that you need to check out. The designer of this subtle bossy brand is Rimzim Dadu. This will take place at MSA 2.

You can reach out to them via mail at or you can check their Instagram page at @_huemn and also you can check out their website at


Fourth Show – 7.30 pm – Ministry of Textiles

This show is one of the special shows at the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS’19. This show is organized by the Government of India and the Australian High Commission in India. People are talking about and have high expectations from this show. Let us see what they have in store for their audience.

Fifth Show – 9.30 pm – NEXA presents Ashish N Soni, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Rohit Gandhi, and Rahul Khanna

The major show of the day which is presented by the NEXA is the last show of the day. It is presented by these talented designers who are also the very well known faces of the industry. Their SS collection is going to be dapper and we cannot wait for it. The show will be at MSA 2. The details would be all about textured and detailed fabrics featured in a sleek collection.


So, this was the major highlight of Day 1 of the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS’19. Stay tuned to the event and get ready to see some amazing and some not so amazing designs. Eagerly waiting for the new styles and also for the diet styles, if you know what I mean.

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