Day 2 of the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS’19

In this blog post, we are doing the schedule of the Day 2 of Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS’19. The event is starting from the 10th of October, 2018 and it is surely going to be one hell of a fashion week. The India Fashion Week has turned out to be one of the major fashion weeks of the country and it is the best platform to see some of the best fashion shows. The show gives chance to the emerging designers along with some of the known designers to display their latest collection. The upcoming fashion event is about the spring summer collection of 2019.

The Day 2 schedule of the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week SS’19 is right here. Get geared up for the fashionable week.

First Show – 2.00 pm – Lightness of Being

This show is named by the phrase ‘Lightness of Being’. This one is the opening show of the event of Day 2. The designers who would display their work at this show are Megha Jain Madaan, Bhumika and Jyoti Syaahi, and Vidhi Wadhwaani. In this collection, the highlight will be all about the tranquil state of mind.

Reach them out through these details

Instagram – @bhumikajyoti and Mail them at

Instagram – @siyaahibypoonamandrohit and Mail them at

On Instagram – @vidhiwadhwani_label


Second Show – 3.00 pm – AartiVijay Gupta and ARCVSH by Pallavi and Rahul Singh

One of the major highlight shows of the second day is by Aarti Vijay Gupta and Pallavi and Rahul Singh. The designs that would be presented by Pallavi and Rahul duo would speak about soft pastels wrapped in the traditional prints. In Aarti’s collection, you would see the exquisite storytelling weaved in fabrics which convey the art of design.

Instagram – @pallavisingh_arcvsh and mail them at –


Third Show – 5.00 pm – Pramaa by Pratima Pandey and Shruti Sancheti

In their collection, you would see a lot of florals, pastels, and pleats. Their collection is all about modern Indian wear which is deeply rooted in tradition. Embroideries make their major element in most of their outfits and it already has our heart. The show will be at MSA 1. Delicate embroidery juxtaposed with clean colours are going to be revealed by Shruti Sancheti.


Fourth Show – 6.00 pm – Prashant Verma and Nitin Bal Chauhan

This is one of those shows for which I am personally waiting. I love the collection by Nitin Bal Chauhan and I love how they present their Instagram feed. Their collection is all about copper hued with the intricate designs.


Fifth Show – 8.00 pm – Wendell Rodricks

The fifth show of the day is going to be at the MSA 1. This show is by Wendell Rodricks. In his designs, you would be seeing a lot of vivid colours for the bold summers. Summers are going to be all about bold and loud colours. And we cannot wait for the summers already.


Final Show – 9.00 pm – Chivas Studios Music CDs

This one is presented by Abhishek Gupta, Nandita Basu, and Gauri & Nainika. Gauri & Nainika would bring in their magic with a dynamic combination of charm and fantasy. Abhishek Gupta and Nandita Basu have their collection which is all about regal elegance and bold motifs. Their collection would be represented at MSA 2.

Instagram – @gauriandnainika and mail them at –


The theme of the fashion show this year is the spectrum of hues which also compromises monochromes. So, it would be very interesting to see how these designers place the life of colours in the world of monochromes.

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