Dear Denim: 15 tips of styling of denim

The Beauty of denim is its versatility- you can feel comfortable and sexy.

Denim is the most popular fabric in the world. You can find some kind of denim in the wardrobe of all age groups.

If you know me, you’d know I am a denim lover. I have a range of denim clothes in my closet. Here are few insights on how to style yourself with denim:-


  1. Skinny denim jeans or tight fitting jeans never go out of fashion. If you are thin then you should have a range of skinny jeans in your closet.
  2. Buy faded denim instead of bright solid color. It really look pretty. You can buy red, green, yellow, cream faded jeans. These faded colors are in fashion.
  3. Double denim is a double edged sword. Make sure the colors are different and complement each other well. You can wear denim jacket too with jeans but you should wear different color shirt or t- shirt.
  4. With colorful pants, you can wear your denim jacket.
  5. If plain t – shirt and jeans are looking too casual then you can carry scarf too with this combination.
  6. Wide bottom jeans look good with short or crop top. You can wear half or full jacket with crop top in this combo.
  7. You should wear colorful shoes with dark black denim because it sparkles in eyes.
  8. You can wear white denim jacket with floral printed dress or frock. It really look beautiful.
  9. While choosing jeans you should keep your age in mind. Faded jeans looks beautiful on young girl but aged women should wear basic color denim jeans. You will look slim trim in these color also.
  10. The women who have a belly should wear mid waist jeans. The waistband of jeans should be at navel. It will cover your fatty belly. Jeans should be stretchable, then only it will be comfortable.
  11. The women who have more fat on hips and thigh should wear mid waist trouser jeans. Choose dark color jeans instead of light color.
  12. Wash your jeans 2 times before fitting it.
  13. While washing your jeans add some vinegar in the last rinse; it will prevent the color from getting faded.
  14. If you don’t have proper curve on your waist then you should wear hips tight fitting jeans. It really looks beautiful and provide curve too.
  15. The women who workout daily and have maintained abs then should wear fancy side and back pockets jeans. This jeans highlights their proper body shape.

PS: Do maintain yourself. It’s probably the best investment you can make ever.

Here are few shots of mine mixing and matching denim:




Go ahead and share your denim tips in the comments. Feel free to ask any queries that you might have around denim.

I hope you enjoyed this denim post.

Stay beautiful stay sexy because life is short. <3

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