Haute Dog : MAC New Collection For Fall 2015!​

I met a cute girl, she had a dog! Dogs have been known as women’s confidant for ages and taking inspiration from this much loved pet, MAC has launched its Fall 2015 collection lately, named Haute Dog.

MAC’s obsession for weird muse is not new, they launched a range inspired by cats in the fall of 2010 and this time they take cues from our most pampered buddies. The Haute Dog collection was released last week on August 20 and it is as thrilling as the name seems. The entire range consists of 33 pieces; both new limited edition and re- promoted ones. You can immediately tell from the colors that it is a fall collection. The whole collection is filled with fall appropriate shades with rich hues of berry, red, nudes, greys and charcoal with high on mineral quotient. ​

Here we have put down the first look of all the new pieces from this much awaited fall collection. Read on to know our take on the collection, the first impression, true colors and formulation of the products. ​

First up on the collection are three limited edition mineralize eye shadow quads, A Glimmer of Gold, Pure Bred and Posh Pedigree. The first thing we notice on this quad palette is the shape of the baked minerals which is not pressed into pan but a dome shape. The look of the quads is rather interesting with rich enchanting colors.​

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A Glimmer of Gold consists of four colors from soft gold to copper brown. MAC has not named the shades on this quad palette but going by the look, colors on this quad appear to be shades of a pale champagne gold, a rose gold shade, a peach gold and a light grey shade. ​

Pure Bred quad has Plum, Silver cream, Tan gold and Deep brown shade. Silver cream and Tan gold on this quad look more metallic while the Plum shade is more on shimmery side. The Deep brown has a perfect satin cast.
Posh Pedigree has Deep olive green, White lemon, Dirty grey and Charcoal green/grey on the palette. Lemon and grey shades have metallic sheen to it while rest of the shades are slightly satin. ​

Next on the list are two new limited edition Fluidline shades, Catch My Eyes and Great Dame. Catch My Eye is taupe grey with dazzle pearl and Great Dame is blackened plum in color. Both the shades are intense in color and can be applied as base and just not as shimmer.

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Haute Dog collection introduces two new mineralize glass, Dressed to The K9S and Lap Dog and rest are re-promoted ones. Dressed to The K9S is deep burgundy plum and Lap Dog is pale light pinky nude. Dressed to The K9S is one standout piece which is a perfect buy for fall 2015. ​


Last on the list and our extreme favorite are the Haute Dog Mineralize Lipsticks. This is a lip heavy collection and all five newly introduced shades are absolutely worth the splurge. These lipsticks have MAC’s classic vanilla taste and scent. The collection includes:

Fashion Pack, pale pink nude.
Rare Breed,
midtone pinky nude.
Barking Gorgeous,
light peach.
Nose For Style,
deep red.
, deep wine.

Though MAC Haute Dog collection falls short of expectation for people desperately waiting for the fall collection to come out, it does fairly present some eye catching lovely shades for the fall. This limited edition collection will be available through October 1, 2015, so make sure you get your hands on your favorite piece of the collection before that.

Till next time stay beautiful stay sexy. <3

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