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Sonia Thiyam

From on-trend buzz to fabulous stories, here at IFB we always try to keep you updated on what’s new and chic in the world of fashion and to continue the trails we bring you a series where we will interview bloggers on fashion, blogging, styling and much more.

First up on the series we have Sonia Thiyam from team Bangalore of  Swarovski Style Your Way To Paris to share her fashion journey with us.

Swarovski Style Your Way To Paris is a contest for fashion bloggers, where three mentee fashion bloggers from three different cities will compete to win a 3-day all-expense paid trip to Paris, along with their mentor blogger and will get a chance to hangout with Nathalie Colin, Swarovski worldwide creative director and to check out the Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016, Swarovski Jewellery Collection.

​First up on the series we have Sonia Thiyam from team Bangalore to share her fashion journey with us.
1. Hi!, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Hi! Well about me, I finished my hustle life of MBBS recently. I am from Manipur, stayed in Delhi all my school life in hostel and now I am all free to explore my passion and love for fashion and beauty.

2. Where did you find the inspiration for your blog? When did you start?

Nothing specific inspires me but yes every random and unique thing that I come across definitely gives me some idea out of it. It could be any random thing I see on the streets, a beautiful outfit worn by a girl or some electrifying color that strikes me, inspire me to create makeup look or to color match my outfit and on personal level emotions and social attributes like judgments, hate, love make me cringe and express myself well that’s what blog is all about.

3. Tell us about the competition. Where did you find the information of the competition? What were the stages of the competition? How has your experience been so far?

To be honest I got to know about this competition through an Instagram post asking for entries. I planned to do photo shoot specifically for the contest but ended up giving my old picture for the contest due to time crunch. After a few days when selection ended I got a comment from Popxo on one of my Instagram post asking for my e-mail and I could not believe it but I was shortlisted for the team Bangalore. On the day of competition I was delighted to see so many talented bloggers and the awesome teams of Popxo, Chambor and Swarovski. The most shocking and happiest part was winning the Bangalore title because I never expected I would make it so far with all these famous and beautiful bloggers as my co-contestant since I am a newbie. I would always cherish the time spent with my mentor blogger Ruhi, she is a sweetheart and the best part is our style is very similar.

We think alike when it comes to fashion and styling and we always end up liking the same thing, well mostly. 😀 Now that we have bonded so well we connect a lot on concept and we also did a blog post and shot an amazing video for the last phase of the contest. I am talking so much its getting boring I know but hey this is a journey worth telling, right? ​

I would just say no matter I win or lose, I loved being a part of #swarovskistyleyourwaytoparis and will always cherish it, it’s given me a lot of exposure and happiness.​
4. How would you describe your personal style?

My style is very simple and it is all about being comfortable yet stylish and loving oneself. I believe if you feel confident anything will look good on you. Also I love my greys, beige, white, black, denim etc. At present I am all about matching separates and bold makeup.

5. How do you put together an outfit – can you talk us through the process?

Well it’s quite simple; we girls are super moody and same holds good for me.

I work according to my mood as in there are days when I just want to put on lounge wear and party and some days are just no make-up, jogger-loose shirt days. When i feel super glam I really pick out things that make me happy instantly. ​

6. So what’s your typical day doing the blog?

I don’t only write blog but also make videos, so any of these days when I am totally occupied and committed I have to conceptualize, film/shoot, edit, write and publish the blogpost and videos.

It takes a lot of time and energy depending on the length of the video or the concept of the blogpost; it generally
takes a day or two.

7. Who does your amazing photography?

I have no professional photographer for now but I won’t complain because my boyfriend Albert does it and when he is not around I have my amazing friends Yashu and Anjali who do it for free, buddy love. ;)​

8. What is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?

To make every blogpost interesting and creative is quite a task. No one loves to read long monotonous posts, at least I don’t, so all I care about is to make every post an interesting read and every video a visual treat.

9. What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Like I mentioned I am obsessed with matching separates and co-coordinating outfits. I love t-shirt dresses,fringes, nude color outfits etc.

10. Season of Fashion weeks is upon us, what’s your one favorite look from Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2015?

I didn’t attend the Lakme Fashion Week this season but I saw most of it through media and I loved what Gaurav Gupta, Sonaakshi Raaj and Monisha Jai Sing showcased. I feel I can relate my style somehow to their collections.​

11. A style and beauty tip for fall 2015?

Get yourself all dark plum, burgundy, deep purples as your outfit staples, wear this on your eyes and lips as well because we don’t always get to wear these bold colors. It’s the fall that’s makes us feel bold and sexy so I would suggest you to experiment a bit with dark hues. I am way too excited for this fall. <3​​

Sonia, we wish you all the luck. Vote for Sonia Thiyam and her mentor Blogger Ruhi Sheikh here: ​

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