Decoding the Latest Bridal Fashion Trends of 2018

Summers are arriving soon and so are the summer wedding season. No matter how tough the summer weddings are, we are still excited about it. The summer weddings have the beauty of their own and they can be not so hectic if planned intelligently. Okay, so coming to the point, we are talking about the bridal fashion trends of 2018 which would be popular the entire year. We know the brides are pretty excited and particular about all their looks, we made sure to research well and see the detailing on the works of the famous designers and bring the latest bridal trends of the year.

1. Hues of Blues

Be it royal blue, azure blue, sky blue, indigo, powder blue all are going to be popular for the whole year. A lot of patterns and designs would be popular for the bridal trends. For the summers, sheer fabric on blue would be more common.


2. Huge Bright Florals

Manish Malhotra designs of the bright florals are proving to be a hit already. Bridal wear and florals go hand in hand and this season, huge bright floral motifs on lighter fabrics and colours are going to be trending. For the summers, it is perfect and a statement in itself.


3. Realm of Pastels

Do you think pastels are going to fade anytime soon? Then my answer is a big NO. At least, not after Anushka’s wedding. She took the gorgeousness of pastels to another level and how. These shades are like a treat to the eyes providing them with an ultimate soothing.


4. Contemporary Gown Saree

The Desi brides are never bored of the traditional wedding attire but everyone wants a touch of contemporary vibe in their outfits. And for those, are the pretty gown sarees which are one of the top bridal fashion trends of 2018.

5. Touching with the Trails

Wedding functions are very important in every woman’s life and nobody would miss the chance to flaunt it in a dreamy sequence. The floor touching trails on the gown or the exquisite long dupattas draped like a trail is the ruling trend for the brides this year.

6. Tiered and Tulles

One of my favourite bridal fashion trends of 2018 is the tiered pattern and the tulle pattern. They look straight out of the fairy tale and who would not want to live this thing. Tiered pattern and tulles are amazing for any of your wedding functions and are really popular amongst the brides.


7. Pop with the Pop Colours

Yes, again doing it the Sabya way! Pop colours are amazing for the summer weddings which Sabyasachi has made it evident through his latest collection. Personally, I am drooling over these pop colours because they are so vibrant yet so classy.


8. Classics of the Red

Red was born to stay and slay and it will, forever. Every Indian bride would love to flaunt red in at least one of her wedding functions. Red has the power to make you look royal. This is my top favourite bridal fashion trends of 2018 and I am sure it will always be.


These were some of the latest bridal fashion trends of 2018 which would rule the entire year. Let us know which of these trends are your favourite and who is your favourite bridal designer. Ours is hands down Sabyasachi, we are literally drooling over his collection.

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    Really nice collection my favourite is last one CLASSICS OF THE RED.

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