Top ten outfits to slay at an office holiday party!

Office holiday party! The one that gets you befuddled to choose a suitable and eligible outfit. Sometimes it’s a seperate holiday day to go out on a formal party and the other times you’re taken right from the office post working hours. In both the cases it’s a hard-bitten errand to get ready for such parties. Here you can’t be over-fashionable and on the other hand you would not definitely want to look boringly formal. Switching between the choices is goddamn hard. Here are the top nine outfits that you can pick for such amazing parties to rock and roll with your peers!

1. The blazer dress

Just like blazers , all blazer outfits have great connection with office. When it comes to an office party, one such blazer dress of any color would be the perfect one to grab all your peers’ attention. If you’re one of those sitting on fence to choose an outfit kind of women, blazer dresses are completely reliable ones for you. These when paired with suitable boots and subtle accessories make you look cool and confident effortlessly. So pick one and slay the party!

2. Color popped neutrals

We all are pretty aware of the paradigm that neutrals are mostly worn as casuals by many office-going women like almost everyday. But what to do when you gonna attend an office party? Relax. Just juggle with the colors and swap the superboring neutrals to funky comfortable holiday-wear. Pick a neural white or black shirt and pair it up with colored bottoms of mustard, peach, pink and other such colours. Playing around with colors us superfun and creative. A bag of medium size and of any color would go well with them.You can enjoy the flair and comfort without being extravagant.

3. Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are never out of fashion. And the best part about them is, you can change the look just by the selection of your top wear. It’s is quite an easy task to pick one for an office holiday party provided you’re aware of your body type and your own style. Just snaffle a pencil skirt and pair it up with formal or chic tops according to your style and comfort. You can go for any of the peplums, ruffles , halters and shirts for varied looks. Minimize the accessories as too many of them would spoil the look. Go for high heels for a more put together and fashionable look.

4. Sequined style

Party and sequins are like pizza and cheese. Whatsoever the time of season it may be, sequined outfits are always a thumbs up for parties. Many don’t prefer them for office parties considering the overdressy look they bring at times. But, it’s not always true. As long as you balance the shimmer with plain counterparts, they’re magnificent for any office holiday party. They make you glow brighter than usual and aid you steal everyone’s eyes. They’re the best to keep the chic in you alive and seperate you from the crowd!

5. Casual formal maxi

Many of us get overcautious and overconscious about getting ready to office parties as we get worried about attaining the balance between the formal and party look. In such case, you can simply tweak a maxi dress. These are quite simple, obedient and aesthetic to wear for such parties. You can add some shine by putting on pearl or diamond accessories that augment the beauty of your dress and help you get out of that extra-simple zone. A wristlet or a little sling bag would carry the essence forward.

6. Velvet dress

Velvet dresses are definitely a thing both to cocktail parties and formal parties. After a long work duration , when you go out to party with your peers you’d definitely want to come out of that tiresome mood. The velvet dresses drag you into the party mood and make you look simply adorable. The comfort and soft touch of the fabric itself makes it outstanding and different from the rest. Just make sure the outfit you choose is free from too many embellishments or multiple colors. Eliminate one of the following two when you pick them : bold make-up or heavy accessories. More plain they’re, more exquisite you look!

7. High waisted trousers

If you’re a trend-freak and wish to look formal at the same time, hit the two birds with a single stone by putting on these high waisted trousers for such parties. The realm is vast, you have plethora of options to choose from, the colored ones , the denim ones, the patterned ones, the sequined ones and many more. You look stylish in them where as comfort and divergence are added benefits. Carry bigger bags like hobos or bucket bags for an easy go look!

8. Black on black

Who doesn’t love black and who doesn’t have black in their wardrobe? None right? It’s just that many can’t match up the black pieces together for the desired look. No worries. Here’s a polar way to pair your black pieces.  Diamond cuts diamond and in the same fashion “Black highlights black”. Go all black on top and bottom and kill ’em with your vogue. The best part about dressing this way is you can accessorize however you want. You can go from any of the shiny jewels to patterned ones , sneakers to pumps and clutches to totes. The color takes the whole responsibility of your classy look no matter what!

9. Blazer on jumpsuit

Last but not definitely the least, you can put your favourite blazer on any of your jumpsuit ,preferably plain one for a great, vibrant and out of the box look. You need not accessorize much, just  carry an appropriate handbag or backpack and you’re done. You can also try bold make up that highlights your features and go cocksure!

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