Don’t wear the stress of hiding your sexuality!

We girls are always confused what to wear, right? And you can’t wear all those cute dresses because all the time you’ll worry about “Wo char log” Questions like, should I wear this in that event or in that place or in front of those people always haunt us. You’ll worry of judging you or taking behind your back. I know this sucks energy out of us!

But Girls, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, if you are bold and wear your confidence, then nothing can impact you. Judgmental people will always talk or gossip.

Here in this powerful video of Neha Dhupia, you can clearly see, that you should never wear these things:

1- Don’t wear the pressure of marriage.

2- Don’t wear the stress of hiding your sexuality.

3- Don’t wear the fear of indulging in vanity.

4- Don’t wear the guilt of having no children.

5- Don’t wear the habit of pleasing everyone.

6- Don’t wear the load of keeping others first.

So basically your outfit of the day is your mind, your confidence and you yourself!



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