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“To have a chance at becoming Prom Queen.”

This word has been heard by most of us through several movies and TV shows and we all have a vague idea that it involves something formal which needs a good dressing up. Well, in short, that is right. In United States and increasingly in United Kingdom and Canada, a promenade dance, or “prom”, is a semi-formal dance or gathering of high school students. This event is typically held towards the end of the senior year and involves a lot of preparations and dressing up beforehand. Since prom nights are considered quite important and much thought goes into choosing that one perfect dress, the opportunity for a teenage girl to pick out her prom dress is usually one of the best parts of preparing for the night.

While some wait till the end of the date to pick the outfit, most of the students, especially girls, start looking for their dress online, in stores and in magazines, months before the event. This helps ensure that they have plenty of time to look into their various options, select that perfect dress and make sure that it fits perfectly.

And today, by the looks of it, even India has caught up with the trend and though there are no “prom” nights in here, the girls have found a way of wearing the dress in cocktail parties, on receptions, friend’s marriages, and college freshers. This trend has eased the fuss about what and how to wear something that is not mainstream formal and not too loose at the same time, something that does not look way too big for the age or way too school-girlish, something in between.

So to help you choose the one that suits your event as well as your persona, here are 7 tips on what to wear, how to wear, why this to wear and from where to get it, followed by 7 types of dresses you can choose according to your body type.

7 tips on What, How, Why and Where.

1) The first thing you’d want to do is get to know the school rules, if any, set for the event. If there is a theme, or what your fellow mates are going to wear or if only certain kind of dress are allowed like below knees etc. This will make it clear on what type of dress you have to look for.

2) Secondly, you want to set your budget for the dress. If it a one-time thing for you, you might want to invest properly to make the day an amazing memory. Setting the budget will help in ruling out your confusion between pretty dresses, no selecting any dresses that are above your budget.

3) This is very important. You have to know your body shape and the shape of your face. Usually here are three types of body shapes- Apple, Pear and Hourglass. Identifying your boy shape under these options, will be very helpful for you and your dresser to pick out dresses that suit your body.

Same with the face, which determines what kind of neckline will suit you. Oval faces are considered ideal face shape, and all the neckline will suit them. The ones with round faces can choose V-necklines or sweetheart necklines.

4) Now you can choose the color, if you want any specific. This is an optional step; you can always try on different colors in the stores and then select which one suits you best. But for those who have to go by the ruling out options, this will definitely help.

5) Now is the time to start looking for the dress. Use the internet, do your research, look in online stores and on auction sites (for those with low budget), flip through your magazines, look what the celebs have been trending on recently, or best, go to the stores and keep trying different dresses until you find that one. You can even design your own dress and get it well stitched. This will give you a satisfaction like no other.

6) Select your shoes, your bag or other accessories once you’re done with finding your dress. Shoes mostly look good when they’re of the same as the dress or at least a similar shade. A nice pair of heels would go a long way to give you that taller look. About jewelry, minimal is the best.

7) This would also be a part of big worry: hair. If you have been planning on a completely new haircut or even dyeing your hair, this might be the right time. Don’t leave it for the last minute. Some classic hairstyles are up-dos, which tend to make the outfit look very classy and sophisticated or long loose curls which are fun and cute. Or perhaps a side bun for a little quirky change.

7 Types of Dresses for Every Body Type


1) This lace bodied two piece is a gorgeous handmade dress with lace and satin as fabrics. There are more than ten colors available and you can even customize it for a smaller length like this. The lace and net-work on the high neckline makes this dress perfect fit for those with a relatively smaller bust area, accentuating the swell of the breasts.

2) Halter neck satin dress with sequins to make you ornamented is the best evening dress one could ask for. It is backless which makes it all the more a head-turner. It has full length with pleated skirt-type bottom and also has pockets. This can be worn by the petite figures out there, especially the ones who have a well-defined waist curves. Drop you hair down in loose curls and you’ll walk in making the event as elegant as ever!

3) Something similar to this can be seen in various TV shows characters. This elegant floral laced dress is the ideal dress for all the body types since it accentuates both bust and butt area. The laced pattern makes an illusion to make anyone look rather slimmer and well-toned. Use you saved up black heels with this and you’re more than ready to go.

4) This vintage floral lace dress would be an amazing pick for anyone, even for the ones with large bust area. It has long floral laced sleeves which will create great illusion for the ones who are worried about heavy arms. The neckline exposes your shoulders and draws attention to your prominent collar bones, which is very seductive. Heel it up nice and you’re up the game.

5) This women’s casual deep V-neck dress is another graceful evening gown to make you look drop dead gorgeous. The deep V-neckline would suit best to anyone a medium bust and a toned body. The back is fully covered with floral lace which ensures to turn heads. For the ones who have a healthy body, can try the look by going braless.

6) Sweetheart tulle dress for cocktail and homecoming parties. The name says it all! This strapless short dress is the best for any school or college party. It can be worn by all the body types and will definitely look amazing if worn braless. It has various colors and can be customized according to your size so gear up, this is the one!


7) This off shoulder cocktail dress would be a long term investment. This is a fun and short summer kind of dress than can be worn on a date, parties, dinners and formal gatherings. It is available in summer as well as fall colors, the material and the stitching is perfect and would look great on anybody who wears it. Pair it with a nice set of heels or pumps and you’ll turn the air around all you summery light and fun.

There are several more variety of dresses and other stuff available on Amazon.com. Go shop your heart out!

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