Folic Acid- The Super Nutrient

“Folic acid deficiency does the same thing as radiation.”

A form of vitamin B9 that forms one of the most integral nutrients in your body, folic acid called by several different names is a necessity, to say the least. While folic acid is like one of the super nutrients of the body, it plays a pivotal role in creating red blood cells that help your body maintain it’s strength and health, prevent hearing loss and give pregnant mothers the nutrition and brain health that their infants need while in the uterus.

Folic acid is like a superhero that protects, nourishes and takes care of pregnant mothers. Consuming folic acid tablets not only helps in the development of the foetus but also ensures that it does not develop congenital defects or problems that may adversely affect it.

From the beginning of pregnancy when your miracle starts developing in your womb, give it the nourishment and care of folic acid by taking in 400mg every day. A little bit of folic acid a day not only keeps the doctor away but keeps your baby and you happy, healthy and fit.

Be it heart disease, spinal bifida or cleft palate, nothing can hamper your child’s life when you nourish them with this vitamin. And if you’re looking to take in folic acid into your diet through different kinds of foods, read on to discover the super foods that contain this important vitamin.

1-Avocados – This delicious food that is so versatile such that it can be used in salads, dips, smoothies or even fried, avocados are one of the richest sources of folic acid. An avocado a day will keep the doctor away and add to the folic acid intake in your body phenomenally.

2-Bananas – The fruit that is a daily feature in your diet, bananas are not only healthy and fill your belly, but they are rich in folic acid too. Go bananas and grab your folic acid food right there in the mornings.

3-Corn – Be it grilled, stir-fried or even steamed, who doesn’t love a little corn. Delicious as it is, corn is rich with loads of vitamins, folic acid being one of them. This is your chance to be corny and enjoy it while you feel the nutrients enriching your body.

4-Citrus Fruits – Oranges and strawberries, papayas and raspberries, these fruits are not only exotic and make a great fruit salad, but they enrich your body with folic acid and keep you fit and active all day long.

5-Nuts – An added ingredient in chocolates or cakes, nuts are rich in nutrients all way around. Just a handful of these superfoods and you’re ready to tackle anything and give your baby the best of health.

6-Okra – A source of fibre and folic acid, fried okra tastes as delicious as it sounds. Adding to the levels of green foods in your body, munch on some crispy okra to maintain your folic levels.

7-Tomatoes – An ingredient of our favourite salads, the salsa to our nachos, tomatoes are red and lovely. Bite on them raw or incorporate them into any dish, they’ll load you up on folic acid and keep your nutrition on track.

8-Broccoli – This delicious green vegetable goes well with your salads and pasta. Add this to your diet and your folic acid intake is done for the day.

9-Carrots – Munch on them before you eat your lunch. Carrots are the easiest to go to healthy food and replenish the folic acid levels in your body.

10-Beetroot – Add this to your salad, drink it up as soup, beetroot is known to be rich in folic acid and will produce lots of red blood cells to keep your body active and healthy.

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