Fresh wardrobe ideas to keep you stylish in 2018!

It’s difficult to find that one trend which is basic and high street at the same time but fashion forecasting has made clear that 2018 is going to be the year of layering. Reason being, it’s a great way to recycle all the old clothes from your closet and putting them together for a new look every single time. If you still think this trend is seasonal, it’s time to think again, girls! Through the article, you will get to know some awesome ways to nail the layering trend. The main focus should be to layer in such a way that you won’t end up looking bulky. To help you avoid wearing the same clothing combinations all season, we’re sharing fresh wardrobe ideas to keep you stylish forever.

1-Shervani Jacket with Kurti

Let’s begin with the most impossible layering style, Shervani. Yes! with changing the time it has no more remained a style that can be only worn by men.  Combine a shervani style jacket on top of ethnic Kurtis to enhance their look even more. If it’s too hot outside prefer keeping it open rather show up the kurti that you are wearing.

If your Kurti is plain and neutral in colour then go for bright pouty colours and jazzy designs to bring out the rich magic of these jackets.

2-Shawl with belt

Have you ever checked your mom’s wardrobe collection? Trust us you will end up finding amazing stuff. When it comes to shawl there is no better option than getting a beautifully embroidered shawl that has the power to take any simple outfit up a notch. Just like Kriti Sanon did,  use a  simple belt to balance the ensemble. Don’t shy away from experimenting and make a bold OOTD.

Look at how Aditi Rao belted up her ankle length dress to take it a notch higher. She teamed up the belt on her kurta to accentuate her curves and add definition to the attire. Style it with jeans and boots to create a fusion wear look.


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3-Cape on dresses

Capes are made popular by Bollywood celebrities,  be it  Sonam Kapoor or Athiya Shetty. Look at how smartly she paired this light coloured cape with her maroon coloured dress. For a casual affair, choose a denim cape to dress down your kurta or dress.

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4-Slip dress with Tee

This is probably the coolest idea to beat the heat of summer. To slay the art of summer layering just wear a slip top over a t-shirt or a slip dress over a plain tee. This is a totally in wearable layering idea that even celebrities like Deepika Padukone swear by.

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5-Tied up shirt

If the weather is turning hot during daytime and you still want to pull off the ‘I don’t give a damn’ look, then go for it.  All you need a shirt that’s tied to your waist.  Put up the shirt over your crop top when the temperature starts going down during the time. This messy yet appealing layering technique is widely adopted in Bollywood and Hollywood.

The next time you wear a crop top and want to draw attention to your midriff, you know how to go about it, right?

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6-A long scarf

It’s a simple yet a  great way to add some length to your look. Not everybody is a fan of over the top layering hence just wear a long scarf in a contrast colour to the rest of your outfit for a chic look.

7-Double layering

Going to office doesn’t need to be boring all the time. Spice up your classic office blouse with an unbuttoned denim shirt with studded collar. Over that  you can overlay a long plain cardigan. For extra shape, you can belt it all in style.  You might choose not to go for embellished collars but during an office party it will make you look effortlessly glam & edgy


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Hope You understood what is the difference between piling up on clothes & layering up.

Stay cool and keep layering!

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