GOA DIARIES: Spreading Birthday Vibes at Candolim Beach! <3

Hello lovely people!

As I write this post I feel so blessed for the wonderful life God has given us all. Lately I have been in a major accident while on my way to Haldwani for Diwali celebration and this is the reason I haven’t updated anything in a long time. I cannot thank God enough for we all are safe from the accident and no one got majorly injured but we are still recovering from the trauma of this accident. I have been wanting to write this post for a time that seems forever now.  I am back in Goa again and my time in Goa has been nothing but bliss. I recommend everyone to stay in Goa at least once in their lifetime. The culture of this place takes you to another world. <3

Before going to Haldwani and before my accident I spent two awesome days at Candolim Beach in North Goa. I told you in my last post I will be taking a little stroll in the city and truly I loved discovering new places in North Goa. It was also my birthday week so I had extra blast in these two days. The beauty of Candolim Beach is incomparable; it’s as serene as its happening. With fewer people and lovely shacks, I spent my time enjoying lovely beach parties, eating spectacular food and serene ocean. And also like every fashionista I was so excited to flaunt off all my new beach buys, I bought some stuff specially for the beach, I had written a post on the same, How To Jazz Up Your Beach Wardrobe, if you haven’t read it already, do check it.

Here I have curated a quick lowdown of my beachy attires and accessories to go with them, especially for you all. I was so excited to wear all this stuff that I planned it in advance. Here I would start with my Birthday Dress. <3 I bought this lovely dress from Goa itself and it is everything a beach dress should be, its bare back, neon-bright in colours and suits perfectly my petite figure. The flattering point of this dress is, it’s perfect for both the day and the evening, so you can wear it without putting in much thought.  Green-Red beach dress for the win! 😀




Kaftan is one piece that you cannot afford to leave at home when you go to a beach. I fell in love with this neon cover up kaftan when I saw it in a pop up shop in Goa and immediately bought it. I donned it over my bikini and Man! It looked ravishing, didn’t it? 😀



Other than beach dresses I donned sarongs and crochet tops on several occasions in Goa. Sarongs with crop tops and bikini tops have become my thing lately and Ngal is my favorite place to hunt sarongs. They have lovely collection of sarongs and a super-fast delivery services to deliver your favorite items super soon. <3


That’s all folks for today but I will be back super soon with some ravishing designer pieces. Wedding season has started and there are a few wedding in my family too, so stay tuned to know what and how I rock the wedding trends. 😀

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    Lovely Post !

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      Kajal Mishra

      Thank you 🙂

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