How I stole Anushka Sharma’s Airport Look!

Hola Guys!
Love from Mumbai! :*
Yes I am in Mumbai again. 😀 I have been travelling so frequently these days that I literally live my life on airport. Well living at airport ain’t that bad because it has resulted in a couple of airport looks. 😀 Taking inspiration from so many fashion icons I tried a lot of look to wear to airport and today I am sharing with you all a look that I instantly loved and decided at an impulse to pull it off. Sometime back I saw pictures of Anushka Sharma spotting cool denim over tshirt airport look and what you see below is the result of that inspiration.



Anushka Sharma wore a short denim jacket over slouch neck white tee and paired it up with ripped black skinny jeans, a pair of keds and a black bag to go with it. The bonus point of this look is I already had everything to carry this look, so no wallet crunching!

Denim over Tee!
I made some changes to Anushka’s look to give it a personal touch so I wore a very cute sleeveless denim jacket from Levi’s with Globus’ white and red USA tee. The combo looked so effortlessly chic that I plan to wear it often.


Black Capri pants!
Instead of ripped jeans I donned black well fitted Capri pants. Well I am in love with Capri pants for as long as I remember and also I am tired of wearing ripped jeans and joggers to the airport. So Capri pants for the win! These are from levis.

Strappy flat sandals!
For this look I decided to ditch casual shoes and wore flat sandals instead. I am wearing casual shoes so frequently now that I want to try something different. Also it was a no accessory look so i tried to take the glam quotient up by adding these strappy sandals from Alberto torresi. You like?

Big Red Bag!
At last to finish up my look I carried a big red handbag from Butterflies. Big bags at airports is a thing right? 😀 Well I love to carry big bags at all the places no it was a no brainer for me.

As you can see I have created this look with mixing matching component from my wardrobe and without shredding a buck. So my advice to you is to experiment with styles, dig deep what you have in your closet and you are good to rock your favorite fashion icon look! 🙂

Xo Xo

Till next post rock the look of your fashion icon. And do share your ideas in comment box below.

Love you all. <3

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