“Dear Periods! the only reason I like you is because you’re a sign that I am not pregnant” – All girls 🙂 

Before periods there are different symptoms that are shown in female, these are called premenstrual syndrome. These symptoms disappear with start of periods. In some female these symptoms are so severe that impact on daily life routine.

In many females only few symptoms appear. It’s not necessary the same symptom would appear in every female. According to research only 3 out of 4 females are affected by premenstrual syndrome. These problems majorly occur in age of 20 to 30 years. Mood disorder, depression, irritation, lack of appetite, pain in joints, muscles, headache, pimples, constipation or loose motions are main symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.


Cause of premenstrual syndrome-

These are not exact reason for the premenstrual syndrome, but these are main causes:

  • Chemical changes in brain: Ups and down of neurotransmitter in brain cause changes in mood. When creatinine (neurotransmitter) production decreases in brain this causes premenstrual depression, tiredness and insomnia.
  • Depression: Depressed girls are more affected in premenstrual time.
  • Stress: This increases the possibilities of these premenstrual syndrome.
  • Eating habits: Lack of vitamins and minerals are also responsible for this.

What to do

By improving your life routine, you can get rid of this premenstrual syndrome. Eat in small intervals and in small quantity. Increase the quantity of green vegetables and cereals. Avoid sugar substances. Vitamin B complex maintain the balance in hormones. Eat Calcium and multivitamin products. Avoid caffeine and alcohol and take 8hrs sleep properly.


In PMS diseased females, 10- 15 % females are like this and that impact their daily routine. Doctor prescribes these kind of woman, oral contraceptive pills or less power anxiety drugs or anti inflammatory drugs.

Yoga tips

Do bhujangasana, for stomach, back and waist pain relief. If you daily yoga, then there will be no pain. These yoga asanas also relief in acidity, stomach pain.

Do walking, cycling, aerobics activity etc. these also helps in decreasing PMS.

hope you loved this fitness post. I will be sharing more fitness post soon.

Till next post Stay sexy Stay beautiful…


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