Major Throwback: A day at Tajmahal

“The Tajmahal rises above the bank of river, like a solitary tear suspended on the cheek of time.”

Hola Guys!
I am back with another travelogue. 😀 Well this blog post is kinda special for me because it goes way back in time, in 2012. Lately while my freeing up space in my laptop I came across some pictures of my first road trip to the city which is known as the epitome of love, Agra! <3 It was also one of those first trips that I took with my husband after getting hitched, so yea its extra special.
Well it’s kinda late to post pictures after 3 years but it is a season of throwback, aint it? 😛 So as it happened, long back in 2012 after recently getting married, my husband and I decided to visit Agra. Not that we hadn’t been there before but we wanted to visit the place together, to experience the love roaming around in the marvelous town. So after planning our itinerary we decided to make it a road trip as there was so much to discover in Agra and we were so reluctant to spend our time running for trains or flights. The newly constructed Yamuna expressway also gave us some motivation to plan a road trip 😀 So we started off at 6 am in the morning from Delhi to the city of 7th wonder, Agra.

We reached Agra in 7 hours, stopping by for only lunch and discovering new route. After having reached we were so short on time that we left our hotel room in frenzy as we wanted to see Taj Mahal as soon we could, so I dint get time to dress up the way I wanted. I just put on a yellow dress, with matching beaded neckpiece and matching sandals. (FYI, one piece dresses were very hot that time :D) The story of Taj mahal is not untold and Its true that I too felt a kinda love that Shahjahan felt for Mumtaaz may be. <3
Fun fact: Did you know Mumtaaz body wasn’t buried at Taj Mahal when she died, it was buried at a grave in Burhanpur and brought to Taj Mahal six months after that? Well its true, rolling eyes. Eh? :

On our 2rd day in Agra I had ample time on my hands to get ready, so I picked up a beautiful pink-blue dress pairing it up with platform heels and a chunky bag. We visited the Agra fort and took a stroll down to local markets and bought some souvenirs and gifts for the friends and family. Markets near Taj Mahal and other monuments are insanely expensive and I would suggest you to get your bargain game on! It was a relaxed sightseeing day unlike the previous day when we were in hurry. We took time out to appreciate all the monuments and known places in Agra one by one and by the time we reached our hotel we are literally dozing off. The very next day early morning we started our journey back to Delhi. Well it was a tiring trip for both of us but we enjoyed it to the fullest as it was our first road trip and the good vibes of the lovely place Agra, <3

Enjoy the pictures  –DSC_0301





















Well, I have a lot of travel stories with me. I will share it with you guys one by one. SO stay tuned! 😀

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