Review: Oriflame Sun Zone SPF 50!

“Don’t wrinkle wear SPF 50 sunscreen

Hola lovelies!

Travel updates: I am back in Goa, after a week and a half of traveling continuously. Delhi-Haldwani-Delhi-Mumbai-Goa was so much fun. 😀 I can’t wait to start my work week on Monday but for now I will just write to you while soaking in cool beach waves.

<3 Guess what’s today’s post about! Well, it is about a product I have been loving lately, Oriflame Sun Zone SPF 50. I use a lot of Oriflame products but I have never really tried their sunscreen that too in SPF 50, so when the good folks at Oriflame sent it over a month ago I was beyond excited to give it a try.

Looking at outward appearance, the pack is a nice tube in white and orange, about 50 ml. It took me a while to get over the apprehensions for trying out an SPF 50, as high variants of SPF can harm one’s skin. But I am in Goa and sun is anything but too harsh here so I decided to give it a go nonetheless. I must say I am not disappointed, during the month of using this product I haven’t got tanned a bit and my skin too, is safe, no signs of harm, burns, acne are visible. So win-win! 😀

Like all other sunscreens, it should be applied prior to going out, I say about 20-30 mins before and should be re-applied after every 3-4 hours. Coming to the application part, I don’t like my sunscreen to be very thick, as I have a normal skin I prefer consistency somewhere between cream and lotion and this product is just the right mix of both.

It’s not too liquidy or too thick, so it blends perfectly over my skin. Another plus for a sunscreen, because most of them are too thick which are only suitable for dry skin. But if you have oily skin, this product might not give you that great a face. It does get all reflected on oily skin, not in a disco ball manner but in a sheen manner, but with all the benefits it comes with a little sheen is no barrier.

This sunblock is also great as a moisturizer, as it is not runny in consistency it stays on the skin. My skin felt great with it, never too bloated or dry. This sunscreen also comes with water resistance, now if you are in Goa this one will strike you immediately. Harsh sun overhead, saline water under your feet, this product is a godsend and will give you all the protection you need.

From all the sunscreens I have used so far, this one is definitely in my A-list. I loved the product and I plan to use it regularly, at least till I am in Goa.

Sunscreen in Goa

Tell me in the comment below have you ever used sunblock and if you have, what you think of it. And also if you want me to review any product do tell me in the comment below! Until the next time, xoxo!

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