How to be beautiful in everything you wear!

“How to be beautiful in everything you wear”

How are you all fashionistas doing? Looking sexy and rave as ever? 😀
Today through this post, I want to address very common problems that a lot of us face, eg. How to wear that dress with extra cuts?  How to hide my sneaking bra-line? Would there be any suitable lingerie for this dress?

How we all love sexy dresses but often leave them out because of hassles of wearing them. So, my lovely girls worry not as in this post I am gonna tell you how to make everything wearable or how to be beautiful in everything you wear, i.e how to wear all those low cut dresses, dresses with bare backs-deep necks, muscle tee etc with a lingerie suitable for these clothes. Every outfit is unique; hence a same type of lingerie would not do justice to your outfit. Read on to know what lingerie works with what dress and rock them dresses!

1. Off Shoulder Dress!
 Show of hands who left all sexy off shoulder because there were a few or almost no suitable lingerie for them! Ha-ha, well if you are been there, done that kinda person then opt for a convertible bra, which has adjustable, detachable and re-arrange-ble kinda straps which is perfect for an off shoulder dress. Other than it one can use tube bras and silicone bras.     




2. Backless Dress!
Haunted by sneaking lingerie from the side of your backless blouse or dress? Backless Bra comes to rescue! Backless bras have almost invisible transparent strap at the back with gives you support and a clean coverage at the same time. Silicon bra, use and throw nipple pads can also be used. See the picture below, silicon bra is perfect for this beautiful backless dress. 🙂




3. Muscle Tee and Racer Backs!
How often have we seen people avoiding muscle tee because of the peril they come with- deep sleeveless cuts! But we have found a solution as well- The Cage Bralet! This chic bralette looks so glam worn with muscle tee or Racer backs and takes away all your worries. Bikini tops too look rad with tee, we say give them a try!



. Dresses with Broad Neck!
If you have a dress with broad neck line that shows a little more of a cleavage then you definitely need a demi bra. Demi bras are half shaped cup tube bra or silicon pads would a little uncomfy.

5. Dresses with thin strap!
Lets face it no matter how handy tube bras or silicon bras are, we still feel comfy in bras with straps. SO for all your dresses with thin or no straps you can use a transparent strap bra. These are handy and give you that old bra feel!


6. Plunging Neck Lines!
Haunted by plunging neck lines? Obviously we cannot were all those sexy plunging/deep neck lines to offices and public places. :/ But that does not mean we buy more stuff for offices or such places, why should we? When we have Miracle Cami to save us from all this trouble. 😀 These easy to wear Miracle Cami fit properly to your deep neckline without showing any skin.


7. Corset Dresses!
Now this is for brides who are planning to wear wedding corset and for fashionista want to rock a corset. We know you can’t wear tube as its shows frontline, no silicon as they are uncomfy on your big day, so what? Opt for a corset bra that fits your corset like a dream and make you red-carpet ready! Woo-hoo! 😀


I hope you enjoyed the post. I would love to see your feedback, please share your opinion in the comment box below.

Love you <3

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