How to choose perfect glasses for your face shape!

A majority of 61% ( i.e 6 out of every 10 ) people wear glasses or contact lenses in the world. The number has increased significantly in the recent years. Most of the times, it’s not an option or choice , rather a compulsion and necessity to wear them especially while reading or when you step out of the room. In such case, if you wear glasses that don’t suit you, you feel it super annoying as you cannot put on your contact lenses when you’re running out of time or if you’re not used to them. And some other times, you feel so unhappy when you buy a frame that you loved on your friend, but on your face it turned into a big thumbs down. This is due to the fact that, when you copy someone’s glasses, you choose them at the drop of a hat without noticing that your face shape is different from theirs. This is what makes the difference. And if you find out what face shape you have, it’s just a piece of cake to choose frames that flatter your features. Here’s a guide to choose perfect glasses for your face shape. Read it and feel good!


If your forehead part is slightly wider than chin and the length of your face is roughly one and half times the width with lightly curved jawline and high , angled cheek bones , then you have an oval shaped face and yours is the most versatile face shape as you can try eyeglasses of any shape or style. You’re the luckiest , you can play around with the frames. Go for square or round, dark or light. Just keep in mind that you avoid choosing frames which are too large for your facial features. And one frame shape to be avoided is the one that’s of your face shape i.e oval. Have fun and experiment with different frames and textures!


If your face shape is almost symmetrical with proportional length and width of face and prominent round cheeks, wide forehead and round chin, then your face shape must be called round and you would want to balance your curves with angles. Square, rectangle and strong angular frame shapes compliment your face shape.The straight lines will sharpen up your features and balance the roundness of your face. Frames that are wider than your face will give the illusion of a slimmer face. Avoid too small or short frames that make your face look more rounder. Avoid round glasses despite the love you have for Harry potter!


If your face shape is angular with narrow forehead , chin and cheekbones at the widest point of your face, angular jawlines , then you have a diamond shaped face and you’ll not want to highlight the length of your face instead you’ll want to emphasize your cheek bones. You can try oval and rimless frames. You can play with fun frames and cat eyes and glasses with strong brow lines. Avoid narrow and thin frames, boxy frames as they would draw unnecessary attention to your narrow eye line which you never want.


If you have a salient , sharp jawline and square like chin , strong horizontal jawline with forehead , jawline and chin all together making it look like a square, then your face is square shaped. Yours is a high fashioned face shape to choose eyeglasses for. You’d want to choose shapes that will hide your sharp features , so avoid geometric shapes, especially squares and rectangles and avoid light colored frames as they would not help you accentuate your face shape. Don’t give too many angles to your face, instead add contrast to your facial features. Go for softer frames like round and oval and preferably dark or boldly colored frames. Add nice curves to your face and flaunt your features!


If your forehead is wider and you have a narrow chin and jawline, high angled cheek bones, then your face is a heart shaped one.Then your goal should be decreasing the width of forehead and increasing the width of lower part of your face. Avoid top heavy styles, dark frames and decorative frames as they would overwhelm your facial features. Rimless or light coloured frames look fabulous on you as they balance your chin. Try oval and round shaped frames for an amazing look. You can also go for mild angular frames which are thinner and softer!

The only tip one must remember is, if you have a face with more curves try to balance the curves with angular frames and in contrast, if you have a face with more angles try to balance the sharpness by choosing curvy frames. Besides all these, one important thing you must carry with yourself to look good everyday despite the shape of frame you wear is confidence. Carry it and slay the world!

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