Hello Beauties! Whats up. I hope you are doing well. Here I am sharing some tips on How to look younger in summer.

Look Younger by Kajal Mishra

Summer is coming and you can enjoy fully this long months of summer while forgetting all tensions of ageing.  No more locking yourself in a room.

For this you make sure to keep your skin hydrated and have a controlled diet whatever the environment is, late work, weekend brunch or evening chit chat. I am sharing some tips for hydrated completely and look younger.

Diet in summer

Liquid materials are natural way to get glowing skin.  Start your day with coconut water. It will give you freshness by hydrating. You should take water in regular intervals to slow the process of ageing. This is the one of the easy and effective way of maintaining your body temperature with outer environment. You should take fruits and vegetable in high amount in summer.

O Kipos tou Kur Basili

This is the best source of hydration. You should take lemon or tomatoes ( Anti oxidant in nature) or kiwi etc. Include papaya, carrot and kathal in your diet, this provides retinal to our body which slows the ageing. Whatever goes inside our body comes back in form of the skin, decide you’d want a glowing or dead skin.

Dress Code

Dressing sense plays an important role in looking younger. Choose cotton dresses this summer. For office you can choose loose linen pant with floral tops. For any day out you can choose floaty dresses. For weekend outings you can choose vibrant skirt and tops. If your hydrating routine is good then it’s easy for you to flaunt all these dresses.







Daily care of skin 

Protecting your skin is from outside is another important aspect. Direct sun rays causes fine lines on your face. So you should use any good youth extend protecting lotion. Here my suggestion is you should use Artistry Youth Extend protection lotion. Which contains SPF15 PA++ and 6 Bio actives like Retinol, which gives new look to the skin cells, and removes the fine lines and slows the process of ageing.113803-dv-qv




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    Kaushal Mishra

    great work kajal

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      Thank you bhaiya 🙂

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