Hello beauties..  I hope you are enjoying your life.  Here I am sharing bridal beauty tips for future bride.

You would want to look the most beautiful girl on your wedding day. That require extra care of your skin many days before the auspicious day. I would suggest to prepare your bridal make up routine, so that on your wedding day there will nothing left to do. Here are few tips to get your started:-

  • Don’t wait for the last day. Start your skin care as soon as possible. Use AHA products, this will help to get rid of dead skin and give you a fresh look.
  • Use good quality sunscreen, its really important if you are marrying in summer. You can use Amway sunscreen. Apply sunscreen on others parts of body besides face. So that you skin will be protected from sun rays.
  • Try not to go outside in summer. Do your shopping or other works in evening.
  • Don’t use new cosmetics or products 3 week before the marriage. It’s possible that these might not suite your skin and cause reaction. Any reaction will take 2 week time to get normal.
  • Take green tea daily. It will help in weight loss and as it’s an antioxidant it keeps skin glowing.
  • If you are planning diet for perfect figure then don’t forget to take your vitamins and supplements regularly. They will maintain a healthy glow on your face. Omega oil is good for hair and skin both. Use omega oil too.
  • Take watermelon daily. Whatever your skin type oily/dry/combination. there is a need of lots of water to keep skin healthy. Water melon is a good option. It removes all toxins from your skin and maintain the beauty of skin. All juicy fruits, broccoli, and salad also keep skin beautiful.
  • Don’t use sponge or cloth for cleaning skin. There may be bacterias which can cause problem.
  • Apply face mask. It cleanses face deeply. For oily skin use 2 times in a week and for dry skin use 2 times in a month.
  • Book facial per month in a salon. They will do proper facial of your skin type.
  • Use sunflower oil. It hydrates skin and maintain water level. This provide healthy skin.
  • Use home remedy to get rid of tension or tiredness.
  • Use honey or curd in any fruit and apply on face. For oily skin use curd, for dry skin use honey.
  • If your skin is healthy then make up will give you a perfect look but if your skin is not healthy then too much foundation will just not bring that glow.

Here’s me on my wedding day! Hope I had my tips with me on that day 🙂 😛


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