How to Pinroll Jeans like a Pro

Pinrolling jeans or pants is a useful technique every modern guy should know. This handy technique is just not only sensible but also excellent for creating a flattering and fashionable appearance. The shaping provided to pants by pinrolling gives a fresh, on-trend look. Pinrolling is ideal for special occasions, and also helps shortening the length of your jeans when they are much long. So, if you are still trying to cuff your pants, now it’s time to step-up your style and to learn, how to pinroll pants.

Pinrolling vs. Cuffing

Although cuffing and pinrolling are quite similar as both involve in rolling up the ends of your pants to reduce the length, but both have differences. Cuffing is a bit simpler and is used to maintain the fit of the pants. Pinrolling, on other hand, tapers and shorten the pants, giving you fitted hems no matter what shape of your pants had.Also on pinrolled jeans, there should be a little gap between the hem and your shoes.

When to Pinroll Jeans?

Pinrolling jeans and chinos is best suitable for casual occasions. The tapered and cropped appearance is fashionable and contemporary and are also relaxed. So, pinrolling pairs up best with relaxed outfits. It’s perfect for a stylish weekend, and can also be worn to movies, travelling, casual parties or just on casual hangouts. All you have to care about is to match the same with your outfit.

Best Pants to Pinroll

For Pinrolling, chinos and jeans are the top options. Suit pants and general trousers are too formal to pinroll and should be avoided. Likewise, there are some specific cuts for you to avoid when planning your pants to pinroll. Anything that’s too broad or too skinny will not give the desired look and can appear awkward, so try to choose straight & slim fit shapes instead. When selecting the jeans, try selecting a Selvedge denim. These styles provide a simple and neat finish,

How to Pinroll Jeans

Pinrolling perfectly will help you greatly in fashion department. Pinrolling is more contemporary and provides a sharp, casual style.

  1. Pull on your jeans & stand up straight.
  2. Starting, pinch a part of cloth on the inner seam(a line where two pieces of fabric are sewn together) to make the hem look tighter around your legs.
  3. Now fold the pinched section of cloth against your ankle creating an overlap.
  4. Keep holding the overlapped fabric together, and now cuff & roll the jeans up an inch.
  5. Now roll them more until you reach your required hem height, try not to create bulk.
  6. Finish it by smoothening the creases.

Check out this video:

How to Pinroll Chinos

Once you have learnt to pinroll your jeans, you can use the same skill to any of the other pair of pants. Chinos are mostly made of a softer and lighter material, which means the fold will be out after a while if not done properly. To prevent it from happening, you have to pinroll the chinos tighter than of the jeans. Pinch the cloth slowly against your ankle before rolling up. You can also roll chinos up one more time.

Socks or no Socks with Pinroll

Pinrolled pants can be worn with both socks and without socks. Although,the choice of it comes down to personal preference. This visible distinction of your ankle and hems create a best appearance. This doesn’t mean that you have to go totally without socks. Just try for short ankle socks if going sockless doesn’t fit you.

Tips for Pin Rolling your Jeans and Chinos

1. Pinrolling too much will create bulk at the roll and can look bad. So, two rollsare be enough to have a clean appearance.

2. Your pinrolls should be tight but comfortable. Pinrolling too loose will make your hems quickly becoming unravelled. Pinch the fabric close to your ankle first and then roll them up.

3. Pinrolling the pants puts thshoes on the display, so be careful for the pairing pants with the shoes. Most preferred shoes for pinrolls are loafers or casual ankle lengths.

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