Fun Today, Strong Tomorrow! – 5 Super-fun Outdoor Morning Exercises!


Sick of that same old gym routine! Oh-Ow! My body’s had enough! Oh-Ow! Ooww! Same old Routine!(Sorry Selena) 😀

No matter what one is, a gym rat, a beginner or a forceful gym goer, everyone gets bored of their gym routine once in a while (unless you are Alia Bhatt and your gym trainer never repeats a workout). Well, we are not her but we can surely make our workout interesting enough to survive the pain. How? Taking fun exercises outdoor! I, for one, am a fan of airy, fresh, outdoor workouts and when it is coupled with fun exercises it makes my day! So today I present you 5 fun exercises to do outdoor, that wouldn’t just leave you toned but also refreshed and excited for the next session! So read on!

Ball Squat/Tree Squat:

This squat variation is so much fun to do and the good thing it can be done with or without a stability ball.

-Stand against a tree with the stability ball in between. Slightly move your feet forward until they are in front of your hips. Place hands on thighs and crouch until your things align parallel to the ground. Rise up with your hands stretched up to the starting position. Do a set of 12 a day.

Trail running:

Escaping into woods, hiking over trails is so much better than pushing yourself constantly on a treadmill. This soft run gives your body a break, get you out from your boring gym room, distresses you, impact your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health all at once and it burns 10% more calorie than regular running.

Bench Dips at Parks:

This is a great workout for everyone who wants an easy-peasy exercise and loves going to parks.


Sit on a low bench with your hands places beside the thighs and gripping the edges. Extend your legs in front of you. Now slowly get your body off the bench and lower it down while bending your arm at the elbow and keeping them very close to your body. Now bring yourself back up to the bench. Do a set of 4 each time.


Backward walking:

Walking backward has more benefits then you would know. It rises up the heartbeat as you are walking contrary to your senses thus a super cardiovascular exercise. It also helps in building muscles and thus helping in various joint related problems. Above all it’s so much fun! 😀


Lateral jumps:

Reminds you of your childhood? 😀 The jumping jack in me loves this exercise and swears by it.

-Mark a line on the ground and stand on one side. Keeping your legs close squat down and jump on the other side of the mark. Easy as it looks no? 😀

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