Ideas for this Christmas : Decors, outfits and more!

Hey guys! First off, let’s all welcome the super exciting season ahead. So much fun is awaiting. Christmas is right around the corner. We can’t stop being excited to decorate homes, get new stuff and get ready for a kickass Christmas party. While all this has preoccupied so much of our mind, we all are pondering over ideas that are unique yet pocket friendly. Because, after all we do not want to end up with regrets and ruin the year end with a colourless good bye. So we ought to pre-plan in order to save up some bucks for New year eve as well. So, we are intrigued to share with you some unique, budget friendly, simple, last minute ideas and DIYs. Let’s make this Christmas more artsy-craftsy and fun with these super fun ideas!


1. Bringing the vibe!

Bringing the Christmas vibe in the home is so easy and fun provided you are ready to invest some time and money into buying some basic items like curtains, fairy lights, ornament balls, bells etc. You can simply diy the rest according to your taste and preferred theme. Here are some simple and economic ideas you can totally try!

Beautiful red curtains fitting the colour theme along with hanging wreaths, fairy lights and a cushion cloth altogether bringing the perfect vibe!


Red, green, gold and silver coloured ornament balls dangling asymmetrically below the pine. Red bow at the centre adds elegance to the entrance . Simple and eclectic!


One easy way to bring the vibe is by simply adding white curtains , fairy lights and X-mas tree. You are all done!

2. Room decoration

Decorating all your rooms too much is not necessary to make it work. You can keep it subtle and surreal. Here are some simple ideas to decorate rooms in classy ways. Check them out!

For dining, you can simply add a rich shaded red or snow white table cloth and some candles. That is all you require!


If you have a stair case inside the home, do not leave it empty. This covers the mainstream decoration. Decorate it with some pine, balls , string of lights, stars and all such good stuff. You’ll love the way it turns into!


While for living room, add some red, black and white pillows on the couch. You are all done!


For a bedroom, add some lights, one or two elements that bring up the vibe. Do not over do. Here we see some pine, lights, a wreath and a centre pillow. Simple and beautiful!

3.Table decors and centre pieces

One or two elements like centre pieces and lamps add lot of grace and warmth to the whole thing. Here are few table pieces you can try preparing yourself. Check out below!

Add some pine cones and a string of fairy lights into a glass jar and place it at any corner of the room. Easy and lovely!


Add some ornament balls, string of fairy lights, dry stem with branches into a glass jar or container. Brilliant it is!


Take a wine glass , fill it with water, add some rosemary or pine leaves and add some cranberries at the top. Add a candle at the centre. Wonderful for using as a centre piece to any table!

4. Simple diy wreaths!

Wreaths are super unique and when it comes to Christmas , it is a major. You can diy some of them without spending too many bucks and too much time. Here are some!

All you need are these red and white striped straws. Glue all the longer straws into a ring first, then glue the shorter ones in the gaps. Super easy and least expensive!


All you need are red pompoms. Glue them into a circle and add a snowman(optional). It hardly takes 5 minutes. It easy to make and looks super cute!


6. Space friendly Christmas tree ideas!

Instead of conventional Christmas trees, you can try these space friendly, budget friendly wall X-mas trees which save your time and look different and exquisite!

All you have to do is stick a string of green fairy lights in the form of a tree, add some balls and add-ons. Add a star at the top. You are done!


To keep it a bit different, you can make this half pine and half lights Christmas tree in the same fashion mentioned above.


Place the wooden branches in the form of a tree, add fairy lights and all the good stuff you wish to!

7. Outfit ideas

And the most awaiting part is right here. How to slay on the goddamn Christmas day? Here are some outfit ideas for both day and night parties!

A red sweater dress, knee high black boots, black beanie and black sling bag. Perfect for a Christmas date!


Jump into a beautiful wine red jumpsuit and you are ready to rock the party!


The twist detailed read sweatshirt paired with classy blue denim. Casual and chic!


Gorgeous white tulle skirt with red and black checkered shirt. Captivating!


Red lacy skirt with a white sweatshirt. Top knot to add cute detailing to the outfit!


Hope you enjoyed the post. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year.



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