“When in doubt I travel  with my bag and camera”

Hello Lovelies!

How is your January going? Well, mine’s going just fabulous. I started my year with partying my ass off and since then I am enjoying everything that this year has thrown on me. I am so caught up in work-travel, travel-work. Well pretty good month for me, but its not all easy keeping up with the pace as you would think. I am always on the go so I have to keep a lot of things organized. As I am traveling rigorously I am practically living out of my backpack. My handbag has everything that I cannot afford to leave at home. If you are thinking what those things are, here I am jotting down few essentials one must have while travelling and otherwise. Have a look and temme how many do you have already! 😀

1. Lip-balm: Lip balm is your one must have thing while travelling. Because of excessive travelling your lips can get really dry and nobody likes chapped lips when heading to a destination. So a lip-balm always! My personal fav is Amway’s.

2. Wet-wipes: Do you really want to use that hanker-chief or hand towel on your face that you have been using for everything else? No right? Then always carry wet-wipes! They sooth your face, freshen it up, remove all the dirt. What else one needs? 😀

3. Compact: If you are travelling to reach somewhere important or special and you don’t want to apply tons of make-up, then keep a compact handy. Its light, easy to apply, substitute foundation, in all your total make-up fix.

4. Day/Night cream: If you are going for long travel for a day or two then never leave your day/night cream at home. A day without these can cause your skin a lot of harm. So wet-wipes then a cream. Happy face!

5. Hanker-chief/ Hand towel: Even if you carry wet-wipes you cannot ditch hanker-chiefs or hand towels. Use wet-wipes for face and hanker-chief/hand towels for everything else.

6. Little planner/diary: You need that little planner to remember all the important things and marking off your to-do list. It’s a must and will go a long way.

7. Lipsticks: Well that’s something a lady never forgets 😀 But still you need to make sure your lipstick is the one that you can use pretty much everywhere.

8. Scrunches/bands: When in your relax mode while travelling you would certainly need those small handy accessories to tie your hair and let them be safe from dirt and stuff.

9. General Med: You can fall sick in the middle of nowhere while travelling and you won’t have a chemist to run to so always carry basic meds. A painkiller, antiseptic, anti-histamines etc, will be enough for your expedition.

10. Sanitizer: Last but not the least on our list we have sanitizer. We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of sanitizers. In an instance they free us from the germs. They are our little doctor in the bag.
That’s all form me today! See you soon! xoxo

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