Iza-licious wardrobe for this wedding season!

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year

by designers. And style is what you choose.”

Lauren Hutton

The age of 2017 has brought a wave of budding designers who are changing… No… revolutionizing the fashion industry with their vision and creativity. Be it the revival of the early 90’s trend, or the 21st century’s own mark on the timeline of fashion history, new advancements and introductions are being made very frequently. Platforms such as fashion weeks provide brilliant platforms for these new designers to showcase their work and put forth their version of art. But the reach is exclusive due to value reasons. It isn’t available for you and me to walk in and buy as we like.

Apparently, the renowned designer Kamal Raj Manickath must have pondered on the same thought and thus introduced a place where the designer meets the audience and people can view their work exempting the exclusivity. The platform is a new age tool called Iza Collection.

But who is Kamal Raj Manickath?

Well, he is none other than the creator of this platform along with his exclusive brand ‘Souchika’. He is a mastermind behind tons of beautiful outfits. He introduced Soucika back in 2013 with a dream to make sure that every south Indian bride wore a romantic and traditional attire. His venture ever since the Bangalore Fashion Week has been unstoppable. he has attracted the attention of a good amount of audience and has created one of the most famous bridal collections. he is very well known for his romantic side and the masterpieces he has made make the brides go gaga after him.

Kamal Raj Manickath, the mind behind “SOUCIKA” aims to roar higher with his dream. Born in Kerala and traveling through the world, finally puts his feet down in Bangalore after his sister’s wedding which was a life turning occasion for him. Fond of sketching and the ability to put his thoughts down on paper, he decided to color and reinvent the SOUTH INDIAN BRIDES in his own tints and shades.

While maintaining strong ties with the middle-east, he is a much celebrated designer for the women who prefer to have an excellent intricacy when it comes to wearing even the simplest of the ensembles. At SOUCIKA, he holds a group of expert designers who understand his vision and work only to come up with the best designs and finishing in the city to satisfy all their clients to the hearts.

Designer profile, Soucika

You must be wondering, what exactly is Iza?

Iza is a simple yet elegant brand which provides a place for a few budding designers to showcase their designs and make their work available for sale and marketing. For these designers, Iza is a boon as it is an extremely easy way to bring their work into the limelight where people can see and appreciate it.

It’s a one of its kind concept store which is built on the strapping anchorage of 20 incomparable and commendable upcoming fashion designers. The platform has set the paddle for these people through exhibitions and fashion shows, unlike the random boutiques we see around the corner.

The collection online is handpicked by Iza and bejeweled with love and care of each designer. The attires are unique and are made available for you to buy.

The places they hail from, to the influences that have captured the imagination of our designers define the wide spectrum of outfits that is on offer for both men as well as women at our store.

You will find here the vogue that will resonate with your individual style of expression and further accentuate it. No matter what the occasion, your look cannot go wrong with a selection from Iza.

– About, Iza Collection

You can find beautiful gowns such as

Blue Sequence Gown which is studded with dreamy and beautiful silver pearls as the blue net traces your steps.

Orange with Grey Lace Gown in which the simple solid gown is enhanced by the grey lace falling over the torso.

The uniquely sorted collection is present for the buyers to cherish in dresses, blazers, Anarkali, Ethnic gowns, western gowns, Kurtis, western tops, lehengas, sarees, and juttis.

A dozen of options is available for you to scroll through.

Along with outfits, the Iza collection also offers other services.

With the multiple package options that you can avail with us, you can make the most of our expertise for either all the events accompanying your wedding or just on the day.

– Bridal Package, Iza Collection

Now, if you are not sure that basking in the limelight is your thing, we can turn it in to a cakewalk for you with our niche services from Nuptial Bliss under the banner of Iza multi-designer store. So that you can devour every moment of the day, for these memories are to last a lifetime.

– Bride and Groom outfit and accessories, Iza Collection

You can choose from a selection of talented photographers and their diverse yet complimenting styles of photography, to create memories that will last a lifetime.

– Pre Wedding Shoot, Iza Collection

Pamper yourself like never before because you are entering the most beautiful phase of your life. That radiating skin and glossy hair need not be just your dream anymore! Let us help you become the best version of yourself within just a few days.

– Spa and image consultancy, Iza Collection

Basically, this is your one-stop for wedding planning because Kamal has made sure your special day is memorable.

You can shop for bridal, casual or special occasions and add Iza to your wardrobe without a second thought because this is worth every penny you spend.

Some of the designers who have their attires on Iza collection are Aakansha Agrawal, Yasmin Kidwai, Ashok Maanay, Minku Buttar, Kunal Maroo and Indrani Royan along with fourteen other talents which you need to check out. Right. Now.

If you’re looking for that one angel who will make you and your partner remember your wedding day like no other, you need to visit Iza Collection, like yesterday!


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