Jacqueline Launched her Fitness Fashion Brand “Just F” and we are in Love

Entrepreneurship is the new cool and everyone is trying their hands on it. Be it the college students, dropouts or even the celebrities, everyone is turning entrepreneur. More than any other thing, what is the most interesting part of starting something of your own is you can easily and effortlessly express yourself. On that note, our very own Bollywood cutie Jacqueline Fernandez launched her fashion label. But this is not the regular couture or casual fashion label. The kind of fitness enthusiast that she is, she launched her fitness fashion label by the name of Just F. One can easily get the most stylish gym clothes here.

Here are some of our favourite picks from the brand and we are surely wishlisting them. Time for some smart investment, now!

1. Don’t Mesh with my Jacket

Cover-ups for the gym really make you sorted after that hard day’s work. This uber cool mesh jacket is something chic even for the gym. So, you can cover up your sweat and just look all the way cool.

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2. Feminine Flirty Vibes

I wonder what does F stands for in Just F and their logo and the products say it all. It is all about being feminine, flirty and what not. This cute white and pink floral skirt is totally my style and I would wear it to any place that I am upto. Can you?

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3. The Cuts so Sexy

How can you even hit the gym without wearing a sexy sports bra? And this bra kind of has all the oomph factor in it. The sexy black colour, the sexy cuts, and that metallic blend! I am in love and this could be even my party wear with high waisted black pants. Investment, as I said!

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4. Who said Athleisure cannot be Girly?

I am a total girly girl that means I like my style and outfits to be pretty, chic and cute and I am talking about my all kinds of styles. Just F has sorted even my workout style. When I am not doing some strenuous workouts or I am not into leg workouts then I can surely try this dress and look cute in the gym as well.

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5. Rose Pink shorts, anyone?

Haven’t you seen the celebs walking out of the gym in the cutest and the most stylish outfits ever? You feel you could look the same but things did not work out. But with Just F, you can totally nail your gym looks. These pink shorts are dapper and I cannot lie.

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6. Rose Gold Sports Bra

Jacqueline and her team of Just F surely understand the mood of every girl. This brand is all about looking good while working out. For the people losing inspiration, can just buy these cute products and for the sake of styling, may hit the gym. This rose gold bra is such a stunner that I cannot take my eyes off it.

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7. Forever Spring and Autumn

Did you assume that they only have delicate florals all on their website? No, they even have some cute leafy prints if you are too much done with the flowers. This blue shorts with green printed leaves are so soothing and pretty. Can you wear this shorts to the gym and to Goa also? Well, I surely can.

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So, going to the gym is not boring anymore. Even after sweating, you are allowed to look as cool and colourful as you are. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself coloured in the colourful world of Just F. Also, I love the logo of the brand, it is cute and so Jacqueline.

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