Maternity Diaries: Mira Rajput Pregnancy Styles We are Crushing On

Mira Rajput, the girl from the other world has always been in the news for her style. She along with Misha has always been the favourite of the paparazzi. Call it the pressure of the media or her fancy life of being a star wife, she always has to be well dressed and the fashion police have her eyes on her. Though she is someone not from the industry yet she is a wife of a really successful star hence, people look up to her for her style. Her pregnancy styles are doing the rounds so we have compiled some of our favourite looks of Mira Rajput.

On a personal note, we think that Mira’s casual style is far better than the party styles where she is dressed like a pro. She is a young girl who knows her body type and dresses well according to that. Her brunch looks, gym looks and her shopping looks are way better than her red carpet looks and we totally feel her in this.

1. The Comfy Shirt Dress

What could be better than a shirt for the summers! And especially when you are expecting a baby this outfit is the comfiest of all. The entire look of hers here is chilled out and relaxed. She looks fresh and easy breezy. I love how both Shahid and Mira are twinning in their respective white sneakers.


2. The Casual Denim Look

Whoever said denim are not comfy pieces in our wardrobe needs to probably take some inspiration from Mira Rajput. She is flaunting her little baby bump in a cute top paired with ripped denim. She is dressed casually and looks totally comfortable.


3. The Pretty Party Drape

At the reception of Sonam ki Shaadi, Shahid and Mira looked one of the most stunning couples. Mira wore an outfit by Anamika Khanna and that extravagant yet chic drape steals the show for her. Though we think Shahid makes our heart skip a beat, a bit more here. Sorry Mira, have been crushing on your man since a while now.


4. The Boho Look

Mira Rajput looks the best when she has not done a lot of efforts and is in her element. This Boho top paired with ripped denim looks great on Mira and we cannot lie that she looks super cute with that baby bump. Her comfy footwear, easy hairstyle, cool sunglasses and everything is making her shine.


5. The Polka Dot Maternity Dress

Mira and Shahid threw a grand baby shower party for their upcoming baby. Mira and Shahid look the happiest here. It is true that the glow which a woman gets from within during this time makes her look the prettiest. She wore a simple polka dotted ruffled dress and flaunted her baby bump like a Boss. The whole vibe of this ceremony looks so cheerful.

We wish lots of good lucks to the Kapoor couple. Mira Rajput is everywhere these days and is trending on the net for her pregnancy styles. The young girl manages to keep her style quotient at par always and we really adore her for that.


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