Few Lesser Known facts about our Birthday HUNK Hrithik Roshan !

The heartthrob of the nation. The greek god of Bollywood. The man with perfect body and looks. Yes, these are the words to describe our superstar, and birthday hunk HRITHIK ROSHAN.

So you think you know everything about your heartthrob Hrithik Roshan, who celebrates his birthday today, January 10?

Allow me to surprise you.
1. He rejected the roles of Akshaye Khanna’s Sid in Dil Chahta Hai as well Shah Rukh Khan’s role in Don (although he appeared in a cameo for Don). He was also offered Swades and (Siddharth’s role) Rang De Basanti.
2. His official surname is Nagrath and not Roshan.

3. It was Hrithik’s grandmother who coined the nickname Duggu for him rhyming with Rakesh Roshan’s nickname Guddu.

4. In his growing years, he used to have a crush on beauty queens Madhubala and Parveen Babi.

5. Both Hrithik and his wife Sussanne, who recently announced their separation, sport an identical tattoo –a six-point star with a red circle in the center on their wrist.

6. Hrithik signed both Fiza and Mission Kashmir, before the release of Kaho naa .. Pyaar hai.

7. Though you can never tell by his confident words, Hrithik used to stutter as a child and had to see a speech therapist to get rid of this obstacle.

8. During the making of Karan Johar’s star-studded Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Hrithik tried on a slim-fit sweater that barely touched his waistline. It looked so trendy that the actor decided to retain the same length for his entire wardrobe in the film and trimmed all his shirts with a pair of scissors.

9. Due to Spinal Disc Herniation, at very early age, doctors told him that he will never be able to dance. Now we can undoubtedly say that he is MICHAEL JACKSON of Bollywood.

10. In the year 2000, on Valentine’s day he received close to 30k marriage proposal.

On ending note sharing with you some inspiration quotes by HR that will definitely motivate us to live a better life:

  1. Life hits you hard, but it takes you three seconds to decide if you are a superhero or not.
  2. True power and true happiness are when you use your success to make others around you feel even more significant. 
  3. A true Hero is one who rises after every fall.
  4. The real meaning of human existence is facing obstacles and doing the Nobody impossible. 
  5. Nobody else completes you. It’s only when you are complete, that you can love greatly.
  6. The more you practice overcoming your obstacles, the more you will welcome them and be unafraid.
  7. You finally realize that you don’t have a choice. You have one life.Are you not going to do something about it or die trying?
  8. I am lucky. Not cause I got voted sexiest. Cause I just noticed God gave me a piece of ugly to carry with me to remind myself n others of how beautiful our imperfections make us. My thumb used to repel people in school. Today I am posting it to millions like you who I know are just like me. Beautifully imperfect. Thank you God for this wonderful life. Make your weakness your strength. Be proud. U are beautiful. Trust me.;) – Learn to accept your imperfections.
  9. U are a winner when u give ur best and when even in the loss, the spirit remains undefeated.
  10. if u don’t possess the ability to laugh at yourself, you have lost already. <3



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