How to get flat tummy, 10 simple tips!

Whenever we have to go in any party or function, first question is what to wear in which we look beautiful. But sometimes our extended belly creates a big problem in our look. This restricts us to wear some dresses.. Right?

Here we are jotting down some simple tips to get perfect flat tummy.

  1. Start your day with lemon- Start your day with lemon and light warm water. This helps in increasing the metabolism, as well as reduce extra bad fat from the body.
  2. Say bye bye to white rice- White rice is tastes better, but it increases fat in your body, so substitute white rice with brown rice or oats.
  3. Keep distance from desserts- In general women love spicy food but whenever we get chance to eat sweet things, we don’t miss the chance. Chocolates, and soft drinks these are the things which are the main cause of increasing belly fat and thigh fat, so you have to avoid these things from your diet.
  4. Drink water – Everybody know that water is very helpful to keep body healthy and beautiful, and yes water reduces belly fat also. Increase the amount of water you drink.
  5. Garlic – If you eat 3-4 garlic slice daily in the morning, you will see the result promptly.
  6. Say NO to Nonveg- If you want flat tummy and good body figure, then you should avoid nonveg in your diet,  mutton & chickens are responsible for extra fat in the body.
  7. Fruits & Vegetables – Includes fruits & vegetables in your morning and evening diet. You can eat boil vegetable with little salt and masala in evening snacks. And one bowl fresh fruits in the morning keep you active whole day and help in reducing the extra body fat.
  8. Green Tea- Green tea is very helpful in reducing your tummy. 2-3 cup green tea daily reduces your belly fat as well as give glow to your skin.
  9. Don’t skip food- This is a big myth! that if you skip food or eat less, then you will get perfect figure.Instead of getting a good figure, you will increase belly fat. So never forget to take  food on time
  10.  Dairy products- You can take low fat cheese, toned milk and yoghurt in your diet. It helps in reducing extra body fat.
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