#First Experience: Mindful Snacking with Terra Adventure!

What we eat directly reflects on how we look and feel. That’s why lately everyone seems to change their lifestyle and indulge in clean eating and active living. But how to eat clean when you are on a go and travelling? Specially travelling abroad, where being a vegetarian is world’s number no. 1 problem! :/

I ate lots of packaged food on my trips always and I know it’s not healthy but I didn’t have a choice since I am a vegetarian. It was either starve to death or binge on unhealthy food; I chose of the later one outta no choice.

But lately while I was packing for my trip to Thailand, I received a box of goodness and adventure, a box of chips from Terra Adventure. At first I had no idea what I am looking at. I read the description on the packets and it said made from real vegetables. That left me intrigued, as I haven’t found vegetable chips in India and thus I dropped in two packets from that box to my travelling bag and took it with me on the journey to Thailand.

Now one night in Thailand I opened one of the packets, the BLUES flavor one. These were bluish-purple in color and I was amazed. Actually the chips were made of naturally blue potato and seasoned with sea salt. It tasted nutty and I was so delicious than the regular potato chips that you will definitely get addicted to it. Also it retains all the flavor and goodness of the vegetable they made of, so must have for a chips lover and health freak!

I was so happy with the nutty taste that I couldn’t wait to open another packet, in the flavor MEDITERRANEAN. The packet open into colorful chips and that was a sight! The chips are made from different vegies like Batata, Beetroot, Candy striped beet, Kabocha, Carrot, Parsnip, sweet potato, Yuca, Taro and so many other vegetables. They were seasoned with herbs and ting of lemon. Eating them made my day! Goodness of vegetables and freshness of herbs and all that in a packet of chips! Woaaah!

So far so good! I loved both the flavors. I am still yet to try the Original flavor but by the looks of it, it looks promising too! Overall I quite liked the Terra Adventure chips. A mix of delicious chips with beautiful colors. Also they use various vegetables so for a pack of chips it couldn’t get any more healthful than this.

#My First Experience: If you love chips but you want to indulge in some healthy and mindful snacking, I would highly recommend these chips for you. They are packed with goodness of healthy vegetables and they retain fresh flavors. I love these two flavors and can’t wait to try the one that’s left!

If you have tried Terra Adventure chips, do share your experience with us in the comment box below. And also if you like #My First Experience post, do let me know, I will try to do more of these!

Until my next post, eat healthy, stay stylish! Xoxo

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