Be Ready for your Beach Holiday in No Time!

Hola Guys!

It so sunny and serene here in Goa, but it was better in Thailand! 😀 Yes my Thailand trip hangover is still on and while I am at it, I thought I might just give you some tips for your next beach holiday. Today I am spilling beans on how to prepare and what to take with you, if you have a beach holiday to go and you have no time to prepare for it. So ladies, read on and make notes! And also do some online shopping. 😛

First things first! Prepare yourself for a beach holiday. That means move your lazy ass to the salon and get pampered. Remember you are going for a beach holiday and you will be wearing all those sexy one pieces and of course bikinis so you wouldn’t want to miss out on the grooming part. Waxing, shaving, threading, manicure, pedicure, eyelash extension 😀 whatever you want to get done, just get it!

Next is the co-coordination and the packing part. Doesn’t matter if it’s the short holiday or the long one, you certainly would not want to swamp yourself with luggage, do you? Thus pack wisely without forgetting the essentials. Here’s my beach checklist- Tote bag, flip-flops, sunglasses, Sun-hat, bikini/swimsuit, cover-ups, bikini bags, Sunscreen (forget anything but this), body lotion, belly chain, fashion magazine and a whole lot of sexiness! 😀

Third is deciding what bikini to take with you. I have seen a lot of times people take just one piece of bikini when they take a short trip and don that one piece everywhere. Ladies please never make that mistake! Bikinis are your undergarments please take at least 2-3 pairs even for the shortest trip. And when you are in a hurry and you cannot decide what to take, stick to the classics. A little black bikini and a red hot one are no brainer. Having a classic black piece and hot red piece always come in handy when you have to pack short and quick. These colors go with everything, be it denim short, lacy cover-up or midi-dresses and they look super-hot. That’s why for my Thailand trip I took these three options with me. You can shop my picks here ( Ngal)

Now you are heading to a beach holiday that means partying all night, Pina Coladas and mimosas, sea food, late night binging. So try to eat clean before holidays and don’t miss your sleep otherwise you will feel very exhausted and you will spend your holiday sleeping instead of enjoying on the beach. So eat clean, take proper sleep and workout (you want that beach body, don’t you?)

That’s all from me today. Just remember to enjoy your beach holiday, stay stress free and have truckloads of fun! And don’t forget to send me your beach vacation pictures! Until the next post, xoxo!

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