Your Best Travel Companion: VERSATYL Jacket

“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.”       -Robert Louis Stevenson

Sometimes the only way to start a post is through a travel inspired quote. I have been travelling so much lately and the only thing that echoes in my head is this quote from Robert Louis Stevenson. Travel could teach us so much in so many ways and is truly an honest friend. Speaking of honest friends, when it comes to travel you need more than one. A good book for long tedious rides, a rucksack to keep all your souvenirs and a warm compact jacket to keep you warm while exploring unchartered territories. And when the jacket comes with 29 features including 18 storage compartment and pockets, it is more than a friend and a true travel companion.

Amazed much? 😀 Well if you are wondering how that is even possible, let me introduce you to VERSATYL jacket. This jacket is designed to cater to all your travelling needs and it come with not 10, not 20 but whopping 29 features. It has 18 storage compartments that can accommodate everything you can think of. Let’s take a look at the storage pockets

  • 2 napoleon chest pockets for IDs/Cards/Money/Passport
  • 1 Upper Arm pocket for keys/change/essentials
  • 2 Forearm pockets for keys/change/essentials
  • 2 hand warming pockets
  • Earphone loops
  • Pen holder pocket
  • Mini torch or bottle holder
  • Phone pocket
  • Portable charger pouch
  • Compact camera pouch
  • Tablet or Document slider
  • Wallet pocket
  • Headphone or USB pocket
  • Sunglass loop + pouch
  • Carry pocket at the back

I don’t know about you but I was amazed when I first saw this piece. It has a pocket for everything. Like everything. With this jacket you don’t need to carry a bag at all! The good thing is with the storage compartment it also comes with detachable hood with drawstrings, side vent to keep to cool in summers, reflector strips for your safety, retractable finger gloves etc. And all this with water resistant and wrinkle free material. I mean what is this? A godsend jacket?

Think how much convenient it is to travel without a bag or rucksack and still carry everything with you. With this jacket handy I don’t think I am gonna carry anything else for my next outbound trip. In case you are wondering this jacket will be heavy AF and will occupy a lot of space let me tell you the jacket folds itself into a satchel with a carry all pocket at the back. No hassles of the space at all. And to add cherry on the cake it comes in two colors, electric bur and fiery red.

The jacket is such a stunner, over 1000 pieces have been ordered in the span of just 45 days, raising around 2 million INR by reaching over 338% of its goal. The company is coming up with 2nd crowd funding campaign on again and the jacket can be pre-ordered at

This jacket is a dream come true for every traveler and I am getting blue one for Gaurav and red one for myself. 😀 Tell me in the comment below what do you think of this jacket and which one are you gonna get.

Until the next post, xoxo!

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