Try these Makeup tricks & thanks us later!

Try these makeup tricks, and thanks us later!

  1. You can use petroleum jelly in case you have no mascara.
  2. You can use blush if your matching lipstick is not available. Apply cream to soften your lip, then blush it and you are done.
  3. If your foundation is over then you can use your loose powder or concealer with addition of moisturizer.
  4. If you don’t have eyeshadow, but you want your eyes to look beautiful, then again blusher is your best substitute for this. You can apply blusher with cotton ball.
  5. You can use your eyeshadow, if your eyeliner dried. Apply eyeshadow with wet brush.
  6. If your concealer dried and you want to cover your dark spots then you can use your outer dry foundation layer as concealer.
  7. You can use your moisturizer if you don’t have hair serum. Just little moisturizer is suffice to soften your hair.
  8. You can use lipstick, in case you don’t want to buy blusher. Just remember to use it with the tissue paper to avoid creamy nature of lipstick.

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