Life constantly consumes us and in the rat race mostly people loose sight of their dreams. Mostly we keep on waiting for some big things to happen before we’ll pick our dream again and start working on it. This reminds me of a video that got became popular among the young crowd.


This video really touched all of us. If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know I am in the process of achieving my modelling dream. And i think I’ve found a ways of achieving my next dream with the help of my first dream. Resulting in a chain reaction.

You can achieve your dreams through a chain reaction. A series of reactions (strive to achieve your goals) will lead to your ultimate dream. Let’s look our life from the lens of organic chemistry.

As we know in organic chemistry chain reaction always require catalysts. Similar to that we all if we want to achieve our dreams and goals we need our life catalysts which are hope, love, trust, patience, hard work, persistence, happiness, calm mind and faith in god/yourself.


chain_reaction_2 (1)

Love, Happiness, Encouragement are few catalyst that’s always helping me to move forward.  Find your catalyst if you want to achieve your dream and your first dream will lead to achieve your next dreams in set.

Good luck!

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