Maxi Dress, your best friend all year round!

We love them, we hate them, but we cannot really do without them! Let’s admit it girls no matter what trend goes on or off, Maxi Dress is that one piece in our wardrobe that is super essential to us. You ask why? Well what else is so hassle free, a complete no-brainer and still sexy? 😀 And when they come all in our favorites like florals, denims, laces, boho, prints, they are more than the essential!

What else makes us to put Maxi dresses high on the pedestal? Well we have got points!

#1 The versatility! They are so versatile, that you can wear them to literally any place, any occasion. From a hush event to street eloping with your girls, from a lazy afternoon at home to diva party at night, you have got one for every occasion.

We would totally love to be brunching in this blue number below, or how about a little shopping spree in this hot off shoulder one in peach. And of course my personal favorite is this black beauty for sizzling party.



#2 There’s one more thing about the Maxi dresses, that you can dress them up or down according to your wish.

For instance, I have been loving this denim maxi because it’s so much fun to wear it in multiple ways. One day it’s the full denim look with heels to dazzle an event, another day I just threw it over lovely black top and a pair of shorts to chill at a beach. And some days I feel so lazy that I throw it as a shrug over anything and it makes me look perfectly dressed. So it is multiple looks in one dress! Spoilt for choices, eh? 😀

Enjoy the pictures below –





Dress details-

Maxi dress – Stalk buy Love

Choker and accessories – Amazon

Rings – Amazon

And the #3 biggest point, they hardly go off the radar of fashion trends! 😀

Maxi dresses are indeed our saviors in disguise! If you are with me on this, then tell me about your look in the comment below and don’t forget to share your maxi moment with us! Xoxo!




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