Beauty Guide: Taking care of Makeup Brushes Properly!

“You can not achieve good makeup without good and clean makeup brushes.”

Makeup Brushes are as important to Make-up regimes, as Robin is to Batman! When used clean they give you a perfectly blended face and when you use them dirty they can give you breakouts, cake-up make-up, show lines and many more things (read terrible things).

Let’s face it, when it comes to make-up brushes we are way too ignorant, but hey girls do you not want to save those expensive pieces and avoid looking like a smudge-bacteria loaded face disaster? Hell yes? So today India Fashion Blogger brings you insights on all about keeping and taking care of your makeup brushes. Read on!

Type #1: Brushes for dry products aka face powder, eye-shadow powder, blush or bronzer.



Care: Handle natural bristle brush as you handle your own hair. Use mild soap/baby shampoo for cleaning. For eye-shadow brush or brushes that use highly pigmented product use a normal shampoo.

When to replace: About a year

When to wash: Once a week

How to wash: Rinse in water, then lather fully in the soap and then rinse again till it lose all it dirt. Wipe with a towel, dry it out.

Type #2: Brushes for liquids/cream products aka liner, lipsticks, lip-gloss, foundations etc.

Care: Keep these brushes very clean as wetness is the hotspot for germs and bacteria. Most of these brushes are made of synthetic bristle, so invest in alcohol based brush cleaners.

When to replace: In 6 months.

When to wash: Often/ after every application

How to wash: Pour the cleaner on a small bowl, swirl your brush into it for 30 sec and then dry it out on a paper towel.

Type #3: Facial sponge or powder puffs

Care: They are most vulnerable to germs and bacteria. Keep them as dry and clean as possible.

When to replace: Don’t wait for your powder to finish, replace these before that, probably midway.

When to wash: Once a week.

How to wash: Place under running lukewarm water, rub with baby shampoo and let it air dry.

Type #4: Mascara wand, lash curler/comb, tweeters.

Care: Shouldn’t be neglected, must be cleaned often.

When to replace: every 3 months

When to wash: Once in two weeks.

How to wash: Just spray alcohol based cleaner and wipe off.

Hope you loved the post. We will be soon with new exciting posts for you lovely divas. 😀

Till then stay sexy stay beautiful.


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