Perfect summer dresses to adore this season

“This summer nothing is going to hold me back.”

Summer in India is a season that we are all pretty much scared of, well, in most parts of India that is. Summer is synonymous to scorching days, searing heat, unbearable sun and extreme humidity, which make us so sick and tortured. As the temperature rises, it feels like we are all moving towards the sun and are about to be roasted alive! In such weather, keeping up with fashion definitely needs practice and patience otherwise it honestly becomes very stressful.


Summer dresses are those outfits that can actually bring in the much required breeziness and comfort to our dressing up during the extreme hot days. With them it is very much possible to have fun out in the sun by going the airy breezy style. There are different kinds of summer dresses that are perfect to keep you airy and light so that you can enjoy going outdoors in summer and also add that buoyant charm to your look.




Thinking about the positive side, you can say that summer is the time when we can bring out all our summer dresses and go light and happy in bright summery outfits. Summer dresses are generally stashed away somewhere in the dark corners of our closet during winters. But during summer, once they come out, they bring in that touch of brightness and cool comfort that we all seek. There are multitudes of different summer dresses that can keep you light and cheerful and let you enjoy going out in summer. But nothing can beat the floral prints for sure. Floral printed dresses are one of the most favourite numbers in a girl’s closet and very summery too.



Of all the different dresses that we love to wear during the scorching summer, the most comfortable one is perhaps the long dresses also popularly called the maxi dresses. These are the long dresses which come fitted at the top and loose and flowing towards the bottom.

They are generally made out of cotton or polyester and are available in different colors, textures and patterns. When you ask a girl what these long dresses mean to her, the word that pops up in her mind instantly is ‘comfort’, for these are truly one of the most comfortable attires that could ever be designed for women. You can run in them, sleep in them, just plop and sit on the floor, go to the marketplace wearing them and even attend parties all glammed up! You can just live on and on in them and be happy in great comfort. Heads-up here – the men in our lives may not really approve of these long flowing maxi dresses, but ladies, I would suggest you to not be upset hearing what they have to comment, for these long dresses have become a must have item for every girl now. Maxi dresses made out of light breezy fabrics are best for summer.




Apart from the long maxi dress, there are several other styles of knee length dresses which can also be worn very easily and comfortably in summer. They are also ideal to best the heat in style. One style of dress which is ideal for this season and is sure to add great variety to our wardrobe is the lovable skater dress. This knee length dress is a must have item! Skater dresses are a modified version of the skater skirts and can flatter your waistline very beautifully. They are ideal for women of all shapes and sizes and the best thing about these lovely trendy knee length dresses is that while they can be worn comfortably in the scorching summer with our favourite heels or flats, they can be styled equally nicely with stockings and a trendy jacket during the cold winters too.

Much like the long maxi dresses, skater dresses are here to stay. They are perfect to get an hourglass look in seconds! Other than the skater style, other styles of knee length dresses would include the shift dresses, midi dresses and of course the off shoulder dresses which are quite the rage this season. They are perfect for flaunting perfectly toned shoulders in style. Come summer and off shoulder is definitely the trend to sport and beat the summer heat in top style! Midi dresses are also very comfortable for the hot months. They are generally not too clingy much like the shift dresses and tunic dresses which are also some other styles of knee length dresses which are not much curvy and do not hug your body too badly. They suit any body type and can be worn to work as well as party depending on the design and color.

Hope you enjoyed the post, we will be soon with new post.

Till then stay sexy stay beautiful. <3

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