Beauty Guide: All About Foundation!

Where there is no foundation, there’s no perfect make-up! They are indeed an important part of make-up regime as they provide the canvas that can be painted beautifully . But with plethora of brands and types available in market, it’s inevitable to not get confused while picking a foundation. There are zillion of types based on texture, skin type and what not! Also the knowledge on application, removal and choice does not come naturally to one. So today we bring you the most amazing guide on all about foundations that will take away all your doubts! So happy shopping! 😀

Types of foundation:

  1. Liquid/Cream foundation: These are most used foundation types. Liquid and creamy consistency is easy to apply and coverage depends upon how much you apply. These come in different variant like oil-free, moisturizing and more.


  1. Oil based foundation: These foundation are great for those who have dry skin or have fine lines and wrinkle. It has ample oil to plump up your skin and provide the glow.


  1. Sheer foundation: Fond of no make-up, make-up look? Then these are just for you. Sheer foundation gives skin an appearance of no foundation at all and make you look naturally glowing.


  1. Matte or oil free foundation: These foundations are ideal for oily skin as they have no oil. But they should be used with utter care as they dry up quickly hence a quick and steady application is required.


  1. Mousse/Whipped foundation: Mousse are weightless foundation that are perfect for someone who does not too much of a make-up. They have air mixed with liquid so they are super light and weightless.


  1. Stick foundation: These come in portable stick and are used for heavy coverage. Only downside is that they can cake-up the skin.


  1. Powder foundation: These are perfect for the fashionista on the go. But as it comes in powder form they don’t work great with dry skin type.


  1. Mineral foundation: If you are a fan of natural products then mineral foundation is just for you. They are primarily made up of natural mineral so they are very good for sensitive skin.

What’s your right for your skin type?

Dry Skin: Liquid/cream, oil-based, mousse/whipped

Normal skin: Regular Matte or dewy. Stick foundation

Oily skin: Powder, Matte foundation, sheer foundation

Sensitive skin: Mineral foundation

How to apply foundation:

First apply moisturizer according to your skin type all over your face. Then primp-up your skin with primer which will smooth out the pores and sallowness, if there any. Now take make-up sponge or brush of your choice and apply a thin layer of foundation all over your face and neck and blend it outward. Blend it till the product is fully absorbed and there is nothing left on the edges of your face. If you need more coverage then repeat the procedure again. Now take a concealer and work on highly pigmented areas or problem area for final touches.

How to remove foundation:

Different types of foundation requires different amount of effort. But there’s one trick from the box that will work on everything. For this use pre-soaked cotton pads and with the help of make-up remover, remove the first layer of your foundation. When you are done doing this, apply your normal everyday cleanser and massage it for a minute and wash off. Remember don’t use a cleanser with scrub as you are must removing make-up of the outer layer and not cleaning inner layer. Now wipe off your face with cotton wash cloth and you will see there’s no product left on your skin.

Alternatives to foundation:

While foundations are great for coverage, not every time you want to smother your face with heavy coverage. And there are those time when you run outta foundation. In these situations a BB cream can be a great alternative. Along with that concealer, compact powder, tinted moisturizer work good as well. But in desperate time I even have used a nude eye-shadow to cover high pigmentation. 😀


Common mistakes:

  1. Not using Primer underneath the foundation, remember to use a always. It will help foundation stay put, also it fills fine lines and pores so that base can glide over the face.
  2. Don’t put layers of foundation throughout the day, instead spray mist all over your face to refresh the foundation and then use concealer to correct the places where foundation has fall off.
  3. Don’t smother your face with foundation, not every time you require it. Use concealer instead to disguise your minute imperfections (broken capillaries, slight spots) when you don’t need a full coverage.
  4. Don’t use a shimmer powder over matte foundation. Instead use a translucent powder that too with a brush and not a sponge. Sponge put too much powder on the face and it looks chalky afterwards.
  5. Choose dewy finish foundation over purely matte foundation, Dewy finish is ideal for younger looking skin.
  6. Don’t buy foundation online, always go to the store, trying many shades and brands and then choose the one you like.
  7. Don’t use same foundation shade over the year, as skin ages it turns pale and hence the shade you used at 25 won’t help at 30.
  8. Never test patch foundation on the back on your hand, instead do it on the edge of your neck where it is least pigmented and shows natural color of your skin.


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