Last Minute Tricks For Sarees That Every Ethnic Lover Must Know



‘Saree and last minute ready’, things really don’t catch up really well! Virgin drapers are always supposed to start their preparation before one or two hour and before all of them, other things like blouse and petticoat and matching jewellery or accessories are to be well selected. And things become all sudden so scary in the name of Indian sarees! Poof!

Well, they are so easy to put on if you know the trick and even they are easiest stuff to set within minutes. From small detailing to large preferable earrings, all comes under this magical draping story. Everyone knows that saree is the beauty enhancer of every woman and ideal for every occasion (except beach party). Whether you are attending your close friend’s wedding, birthday party, late night lawn party, house warming get together or anything else, saree shows the best of your persona.

Roll down to catch awesome 5-minute tricks when you are lack of proper essentials of sarees.

Try Bralettes


‘Bras got their evolution to be called Bralettes.’

Bralette is a new clothing breed comes up from bra & spaghetti. They are elasticized and are generally available in almost all colours. You can get designer or lace work bralettes which work just as it because mostly are padded and are also available with underwire system. Just put them on and you are all sorted from bra and blouse hassles. Even crop tops can also work wonders!

Who Wants Petticoat?


If you do not have a sorted petticoat, then opt for pants even or streamlined long skirts. Just make sure they are tight enough to hold your designer saree. Georgette sarees or light chiffon sarees are light in weight and match up well with them. Catch out online salwar suits and mix and match the churidar salwar in place of skirt petticoat.

Focus On Borders


If you do not have anything important to offer your peers or fashionistas, then select a saree with contrasting border and you will be done. To make it colour aplomb, wear a contrasting online saree with lace works or make sure it has some good back works.

Messy Is Good



Get inspired from Shraddha Kapoor and indulge in the carefree manner of Indian ethnic wear. Why should ‘western wear’ has all the fun?

Drape your saree or tuck it in to look little messy and show off that really you don’t know how to drape a saree typically but then also you know how to nail it!

Hairstyle Magic


Whether you are going to wear designer sarees or moving out with a daily casual one, besides ethereal jewellery and accessories, your hairstyle also does whorl of wonders. Try messy bun as Deepika Padukone or French braided style as Esha Gupta but don’t stop at just ‘open-hairs’.


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    Nice collection, thanks for sharing, is this for buying purpose.

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    Amazing collection of sarees.

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      Kajal Mishra

      Thanks Niel, for stopping by. 🙂 Will be sharing more posts on ethnic collections. Keep watching this space. <3

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    this for buying purpose.

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      Kajal Mishra

      Yeah, of course. You can buy from the links. 🙂

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    Wow, so nice information. I love this post. thank you so much for sharing with us.

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      Kajal Mishra

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 <3

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    Kajal Flozen Trendz

    A lace Border Of saree its gives Beautiful looks when you wear it. Lace is most important part of saree that will give you a classic traditional look have given best information about lace of saree.

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